The Natural Origins of the Imagery of Angels and Demons

The Natural Origins of the Imagery of Angels and Demons
by, Reginald Finley

Image of the Egyptian Sun Disk

Light vs Darkness:

    The light versus the dark is an age old concept going back to the earliest of sentient humans. Early humans had not yet mastered fire so there was no comforting light switch one could turn on to eradicate the darkness at will. At night, strange noises from predators would permeate the night air. People would disappear in the middle of the night. Who could save us from this horrible night? Why the Sun, of course. The Sun has always been early human's savior. When the Sun rises, it defeats the horrible darkness over and over again.

Image of Sunrise over a colorful Fall forest
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    The ancients were perplexed and confused with how the Sun and Moon could stay aloft in the sky. Though they couldn't be seen, they envisioned that the Sun must have some magical wings that enabled them to soar through the sky. Only on very special occasions could the Sun's wings be seen. See eclipse below:
Solar Eclipse showing Son's Corona
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The Bible carries on this tradition itself when you read in Malachi 4:2, "..the Sun of righteousness arising with healing in his wings."

    Almost every ancient culture depicted the Sun as an orb with wings. This is understandable as familiar beings on Earth stay aloft with wings. Feathered birds rule the skies of the day. Birds in the twilight were the owls, and flighted animals that rule the night were the bats. It is no coincidence then that angels were associated with the light (the Sun) and would have feathery wings. The demons (creatures of the night) were always depicted as skinny, ferocious creatures with razor-sharp teeth and possessing outstretched bat-like, webbed wings.

Angel and Demon Image Locked in Embrace
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The origins of these beliefs are fascinating and worthy of discussion and study, but to continue to adhere to such entities in light of a new modern and more scientifically literate world is truly unjustifiable and indefensible. We should now have moved beyond such silly thinking.