Programs 1-100

List of Programs 1 through 100. Please allow a few months for all descriptions to be added.

Tape98_Religious_Paraphenalia.mp3 - Religious Paraphernalia

Tape97_No_Show.mp3 - The no show, that became a show

Tape95_Matt_Slick.mp3 - Is Atheism Intellectually Tena

Tape94_F_O_R.mp3 - Martin Cowen: FOR

Tape93_Alan_Dechert_Year_Zero.mp3 - Alan Dechert - Year "0"

Tape92_David_Cortesi.mp3 - David Cortesi: Secular Wholeness

Tape91_Ed_Buckner.mp3 - Dr. Ed Buckner: Executive Director for the Council for Secular Humanism. We discuss, Church & State.

Tape90_Steve_and_Amber_XianityVsMedScience.mp3 - Christianity versus Medical Science

Tape89_Michio_Kaku.mp3 - Michio Kaku Famous Theoretical Astrophysicist - Internationally known theoretical astrophysicist Michio Kaku, graces the stage to discuss, well, theoretical astrophysics.

Tape88_Trevor_on_Physics.mp3 - IG and Trevor kick it about Psychics

Tape87_John_Snider_SciFi.mp3 - John C. Snider of Sci-fi-dimen

Tape86_Tim_Bzdak_Hypnotherapy.mp3 - Tim Bzdak - Hypnotherapy

Tape85_Call_In_Show1.mp3 - Call-In show 1

Tape84_Critical_Thought.mp3 - Critical Thinking......

Tape83_Hedonic_Society.mp3 - Eric Budd: The Hedonic Society

Tape82_Infidel_Mom.mp3 - Infidelmon? The Infidel Guy debates

Tape81_Atheist_after_911.mp3 - Becoming Atheist

Tape79_Beyond_Atheism.mp3 - Beyond Atheism: Author Matt Be

Tape78_Satanism.mp3 - What is Satanism?

Tape77_Science_Frontiers.mp3 - Space Frontiers: and other stuff

Tape76_Oscillating_Universe_Theory.mp3 - Origin of the Universe - Oscillating Universe Theory

Tape75_Dial_A_Psychic.mp3 - Dial a Psychic, I sense plenty of listeners.

Tape74_Steve_Wells_SAB.mp3 - Steve Wells of SAB

Tape73_CaseAgainstGod.mp3 - Case Against God

Tape72_Doug_Ittner.mp3 - Doug Ittner discusses his activism fighting for the right for women to have abortions.  Famous Skeptic, Dr. Michael Shermer, appears on the program to discuss skepticism and his organization.

Tape71_Death.mp3 - On Death and Dying

Tape70_Marriage.mp3 - Should Non-theists Marry?

Tape69_Rants_News_Clips.mp3 - Rants, News, and Clips

Tape68_Email_Reading.mp3 - Email Reading

Tape67_Vic_Stenger_Physicist.mp3 - Vic Stenger -Has Science Found

Tape66_Dr_Pigliucci_2nd.mp3 - Dr. Massimo Pigliucci talks to us about how evolution improves our lives and what predictions we can make because of evolutionary science, unlike with creationism.

Tape65_Military_n_Religion.mp3 - Religion and the Military

Tape64_Harry_Potter_and_Cloning.mp3 - Harry Potter and Cloning

Tape63_Acharya_3.mp3 - Acharya appears for the 3rd time to silence her critics.

Tape62_Pascals_Wager.mp3 - Pascal's Wager

Tape61_Case_Against_Objectivism.mp3 - The Case Against Objectivism

Tape59_Socratic_Argument.mp3 - The Socratic Argument

Tape58_Objectivism.mp3 - Tim Mapley - Objectivism

Tape56_MatthewAlper.mp3 - Matthew Alper - The God Part

Tape55_Becoming_Atheist.mp3 - Amber's personal path to Reason

Tape54_Nation_of_Islam.mp3 - The Nation of Islam

Tape53_Anthropomorphism.mp3 - God is too Human

Tape51_Ghosts.mp3 - Are Ghosts Real?

Tape50_The_Soul.mp3 - Does The Soul Exist?

Tape49_Koran.mp3 - The Quran / Koran

Tape48_LeavingTheism.mp3 - Leaving Theism and Cults

Tape47_LastDays.mp3 - The Last Days

Tape46_Where_are_atheists_wtc.mp3 - Kathleen Parker - Where are At

Tape45_What_is_Atheism.mp3 - What is Atheism?

Tape43_Realism.mp3 - John Bilicki - Realism

Tape42_WTC_and_God_Bless.mp3 - 9-11, WTC and God Bless America

Tape41_IG_and_Jake.mp3 - I.G. and Jake Rant about religion

Tape40_FaithHealingScam.mp3 - Gregory Tinkler and Brandon Burton come on the program to discuss how faith healing is all a scam. They go undercover and reveal to us the dirty tricks that have many unwary believers believing in them.

Tape39_MelbaWorld.mp3 - Melbasworld

Tape38_FullGospelRanch.mp3 - Full Gospel Ranch

Tape37_RobertPrice.mp3 - Dr. Robert Price

Tape36_Evolvefish.mp3 - Gary Betchan of EvolveFish

Tape35_Norm_Allen_Jr.mp3 - Norm Allen Jr

Tape34_Methodological_Atheists.mp3 - Are many Christians truly just Methodological Atheists?

Tape33_Ron_Barrier_American_Atheists.mp3 - Ron Barrier spokesperson for American Atheists

Tape32_Religion_is_Good.mp3 - Religion is Good?

Tape31_Acharya_S_2.mp3 - Acharya S, D.M. Murdoch

Tape30_Religion_and_Mental_Health.mp3 - John Flores, a clinical social worker, discusses the impact he notices of religion beliefs on mental health.

Tape29_Bible_Bloopers.mp3 - Bible Bloopers

Tape28_Mark_Vuletic_Evolution.mp3 - Mark Vuletic has written articles in defense of evolution. He has appeared to discuss with us what are some of the best arguments for evolution:

Tape27_Bill_Baird_Abortion.mp3 - Bill Baird is considered by some to be the "father" of the birth control and abortion-rights movement.

Tape26_Questioning_God.mp3 - A Free form discussion in which many questions about a god concept are analyzed.

Tape25_Why_Im_an_Atheist.mp3 - Christian Matt Benjamin appears to challenge former Minister Dan Barker on the idea that morality cannot exist without a God.

Tape24_McKinsey_Biblical_Errancy.mp3 - Dennis McKinsey appears to discuss with us the concept of Biblical Inerrancy and how's there's no such thing. Dennis left us June 23rd, 2009. :-(

Tape23_Religion_and_Science_Fiction.mp3 - John Chris Snider - Sci Dimensions

Tape22_Dan_Barker_Morality_Debate.mp3 - Dan Barker, morality debate

Tape21_Bro_Harry_Hardwick.mp3 - Brother Harry Hardwick from Landover Baptist Church appears to remind us of how we are all going to Hell! :-)

Tape20_Religion_and_Child_Abuse.mp3 - Religion and Child Abuse

Tape19_Rants_on_Theism.mp3 - Just a rant on the belief in God.

Tape18_The_Winter_Soltice.mp3 - Joe Zamecki discusses with us The Winter Solstice. American Atheist director of New Jersey.

Tape17_Immorality_of_Xianity.mp3 - Immorality of Christianity

Tape16_Pigliucci_Debate.mp3 - Dave Chappie comes on the program to discuss how atheism is a religion and how it skews the naturalist worldview. Massimo Pigliucci stands-in in opposition to Dave's view. Dr. Pigiucci's website:

Tape15_God_Hates_Fundies.mp3 - Mike Friedman of God Hates Fun

Tape14_Atheism_vs_Agnosticism.mp3 - A discussion about the conflict between atheism and agnosticism.

Tape13_Shelly_Hattan_Metroplex_Atheists.mp3 - Shelly Hattan - Metroplex Atheists

Tape12_Secular_Students.mp3 - Eric Snider is the President of the Secular Students alliance. He discusses his efforts and the mission of this organization.

Tape11_Acharya_1.mp3 - Acharya S appears on the program to discuss the Christ Myth. Dorothy Milne Murdock, better known by her pen names Acharya S and D. M. Murdock, was an American author and proponent of the Christ myth theory. She sadly died on December 25th, 2015. "I miss her greatly" - R. Finley  Website:

Tape100_Atheist_Belief.mp3 - AFL Jake and I discuss atheism, the different kinds and what atheism is not.

Tape10_Michael_Shermer.mp3 - Famous Skeptic, Dr. Michael Shermer, appears on the program to discuss skepticism and his organization.

Tape09_Dave_Wisker_Skeptic.mp3 - Dave Wisker appears on the program to discuss with us pseudoscience and skepticism.

Tape08_Rob_Sherman.mp3 - Rob Sherman is a civic activist in Chicago that's well known for his frank and in-your-face opinions about bad laws and ordinances that affect Chicago's citizens. His site:

Tape07_Campus_Freethought.mp3 - Micah White visits us from Campus Freethought to discuss freethought activism. His site: Since this recording, he's earned a PhD in Media and Communicatons.

Tape06_Church_of_Freethought.mp3 - Tim Gorski joins us from the Church of Freethought. He's also the editor of Freethought Exchange. Visit his site at:

Tape05_Astrotheology_Maxwell.mp3 - Jordan Maxwell is a popular mythicist and astrotheologian that Acharya S has worked with in the past. He is more well-known for his featured work in a Documentary called, 'The Naked Truth'.

Tape04_Gates_of_Hell_Abortion.mp3 - Jerry Reiter who helped Ralph Reed start the Christian coalition, has turned a new leaf is now working with the freethought movement. He's the author of the book: 'Live from the Gates of Hell:An Insider's Look at the Anti-Abortion Movement'.

Tape03_Camp_for_non_theists.mp3 - The late Edwin Kagin and his wife Helen discusses with us a summer camp for freethinkers. 

Tape02_Pigluicci_on_Evolution.mp3 - Dr. Massimo Pigliucci discusses with us what evolution is and how he knows it's true

Tape01_Church_and_State.mp3 - Joe Zamecki on Church and State - Joe Zamecki with American Atheists discusses with us the history and value of the Separation of church, from the state and explains why he's an atheist.