* Tape 483 is missing due to threats by Islamic militants. Interviewer requested that show be removed.

Tape500_against_gay_marriage.mp3 - Fighting Against The Gay Agenda Atheist Rapper Charlie Check'm reappears but in a different capacity this time. Chuck can now add Anti-Gay to his repertoire. Check'm says he doesn't hate gays but believes that "homos" have brain malfunctions and that they shouldn't be allowed to marry. He makes an appearance to defend his stance and also explains why he thinks any rational person, especially atheists and agnostics, should also be against the "gay agenda".

Tape499_kathryn_joyce_quiverfull.mp3 - The Christian Patriarchy Movement with Kathryn Joyce Kathryn Joyce is a freelance writer from New York City, her work has appear in The

Tape498_earthbound_pets.mp3 - Eternal EarthBound Pets and The Atheist Camel Chronicles Dromedary Hump, author of The Atheist Camel Chronicles, will be our guest to discuss his pet service, Eternal Earth-bound Pets (http://eternal-earthbound-pets.com), which provides evangelical Christians with the assurance that their pets will be taken care of after the coming rapture.

Tape497_eric_harmon_black_bondage.mp3 - Bondage and The Bible Filmmaker D. Eric Harmon will join us to discuss his film, "Bondage and the Bible", which tackles the issues of slavery and the book's affect on the black community. You can pick up a DVD of the film here: http://www.filmbaby.com/films/3052.

Tape496_john_killinger_falwell.mp3 - Jerry Falwell and The Moral Majority - Dr. John Killinger will be our guest to discuss his experience as a minister at the First Presbyterian Church in Lynchburg, VA, including his thoughts on the late Jerry Falwell and the Moral Majority. Be sure to check out Dr. Killinger's book The Other Preacher in Lynchburg.

Tape495_brother_richard_II.mp3 - Brother Richard of Atheist Nexus - Part Deux Brother Richard of Atheist Nexus will return to the show to discuss such topics as the site's one year anniversary as well as topics that both unite and divide atheist communities.

Tape494_lyz_liddell_creation_museum.mp3 - A Trip to a Creation Museum Lyz Liddell, the campus organizer for the Secular Student Alliance, will be our guest to discuss the organization's recent visit to the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky.

Tape493_scientific_literacy.mp3 - Scientific Literacy with Abbie Smith Abbie Smith will return to the show to discuss the problem of communicating science to the general public. Check out her website at http://www.scienceblogs.com/erv

Tape492_Victor_Stenger_Quantum_Gods.mp3 - Victor Stenger Quantum Gods

Tape491_Inerrant_The_Wind_Bob_Price.mp3 - Inerrant The Wind Bob Price

Tape490_Kevin_Roose.mp3 - Kevin Roose - The Unlikely Disciple Kevin Roose, a Brown University student, will be our guest to discuss his semester at Liberty University and discuss his book "The Unlikely Disciple".

Tape489_jonathan_rowe.mp3 - What The Founding Fathers Really Believed! Jonathan Rowe Jonathan Rowe, from PositiveLiberty.com, will be our guest to discuss the faith of the founding fathers and how both the secular left and religious right propagate myths about their beliefs.

Tape488_mikey_weinstein.mp3 - Mikey Weinstein - Military Religious Freedom Joining us, from the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, will be Mikey Weinstein.  Weinstein is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and performed as legal counsel in the Reagan White House. He will be our guest to discuss the threat of Evangelical Christianity in the military.

Tape487_david_eller_atheism_advanced.mp3 - David Eller - Atheism Advanced Dr. Jack David Eller will be our guest to discuss his rather unique book, "Atheism Advanced". Dr. Eller is a cultural anthropologist and the author of works such as "Natural Atheism", "From Culture to Ethnicity to Violence", and "Violence and Culture".

Tape486_Eric_Scheibeler.mp3 - Eric Scheibeler

Tape485_nick_covington_atheism_and_naturalism.mp3 - Nick Covington Atheism and Naturalism

Tape484_facism_david_niewart.mp3 - David Niewart - Fascism David Neiwert,a Seattle-based freelance journalist, will be our guest to discuss fascism along with his new book The Eliminationists: How Hate Talk Radicalized the American Right.

Tape482_richard_carrier.mp3 - Not the Impossible Faith with Richard Carrier Dr. Richard Carrier will return to the show to discuss his recent work, including his debate with William Lane Craig, his latest book, Not the Impossible Faith and the Jesus Project.

Tape481_Eugenie_Scott.mp3 - Eugenie Scott - Evolution  vs Creationism Dr. Eugenie Scott, Executive Director of the National Center for Science Education, will be our guest to discuss the new science standards in Texas as well as her new book, Evolution vs. Creationism: An Introduction.

Tape480_Chris_Hallquist.mp3 - UFO's , Ghost and The Rising God Chris Hallquist will be our guest to discuss his book, UFOs, Ghosts, and the Rising God. Chris is a contributor at the Secular Web where he has written a critique of William Lane Craig's Reasonable Faith.

Tape479_AcharyaS_Easter.mp3 - Pagan Origins of Easter with Acharya S Acharya S returns to the show

Tape478_paranormal_researcher_john_lewis.mp3 - Paranormal Investigations with John Lewis Our guest will be John Lewis, a paranormal investigator from Baelfire Paranormal Investigation in Titusville, PA. Mr. Lewis will be discussing the ins-and-outs of paranormal investigation including his work, the tools he uses, the science behind his work and famous cases. Check out his work at http://baelfireparanormal.org

Tape477_horus_christ_connection.mp3 - Acharya S - The Horus-Jesus Connection Acharya S returns to the show to discuss the influence of Egyptian religion on Christianity as well as the common attributes of Jesus and Horus. Information on Acharya's new book "Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection" can be found at <a href="http://truthbeknown.com">http://truthbeknown.com</a>.

Tape476_frank_schaeffer_crazy_for_god.mp3 - Crazy For God - Frank Schaeffer Frank Schaeffer will be our guest to discuss the Religious Right and growing up in a fundamentalist Christian family. Frank is the son of Francis Schaeffer, a Calvinist theologian credited with igniting political activism among American Protestants in the late 1970s. Scaeffer is the author of the book, &quot;Crazy for God: How I Grew Up as One of the Elect, Helped Found the Religious Right, and Lived to Take All (or Almost All) of It Back&quot;. You can check out his work at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/frank-schaeffer

Tape475_encountering_naturalism.mp3 - Encountering Humanism - Tom Clark Tom Clark, from The Center for Naturalism, returns to The Infidel Guy Show to discuss his book, "Encountering Naturalism" as well as the subject of determinism vs. free will. You can check out the Center for Naturalism and Tom's work here:  http://www.centerfornaturalism.org

Tape474_evidence_of_human_evolution.mp3 - The Evidence of Evolution in Human DNA. Dr. Daniel Fairbanks, Associate Dean of Science at Utah Valley University, will be our guest to discuss the genetic evidence for evolution. Be sure to check out his book "Relics of Eden: The Powerful Evidence of Evolution in Human DNA".

Tape473_autism_truth.mp3 - Autism's False Prophets Dr. Paul Offit, a Professor of Pediatrics from the University of Pennsylvania, will be our guest to discuss his book, "Autism's False Prophets: Bad Science, Risky Medicine, and the Search for a Cure".

Tape472_the_atheist_way.mp3 - The Atheist Way - Eric Maisel Psychotherapist Dr. Eric Maisel will be our guest to discuss how to add personal meaning to life without the need of gods. He is the author of the book: "The Atheist Way".

Tape471_your_inner_fish.mp3 - Your Inner Fish - with Neil Shubin Neil Shubin, of the University of Chicago, will be our guest to discuss his book, "Your Inner Fish", along with his discovery of Tiktaalik roseae.

Tape470_evolution_true.mp3 - Is Evolution True? Jerry Coyne Dr. Jerry Coyne from the University of Chicago will be our guest to discuss his new book, "Why Evolution Is True".

Tape469_chris_rodda.mp3 - Historical Revisionism with Chris Rodda Chris Rodda is the Senior Research Director for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF). She will be our guest to discuss her book "Liars for Jesus:  The Religious Right's Alternate Version of American History. Vo.1". You can check out her work at http://www.liarsforjesus.com and http://www.huffingtonpost.com/chris-rodda.

Tape468_ask_an_atheist_09.mp3 - Ask An Infidel and Rant with IG IG talks about evidence of claims, miracles and prayers, who created us, and takes a few calls.

Tape467_why_I_became_atheist_loftus.mp3 - Former minister, John Loftus, appears on the program to discuss why he became an atheist.

Tape466_top_secret_price.mp3 - TOP SECRET: The Truth Behind Today's Top Mysticisms Dr. Robert Price returns to the show to discuss his book Top Secret:

Tape465_ed_brayton_election.mp3 - Ed Brayton - On The Election and the ACLU Ed Brayton, the co-founder and president of Michigan Citizens for Science,

Tape464_rant_show_and_sex_life.mp3 - Rant and Topic: Has religion ruined Your sex Life? First, IG talks about needing your help to keep the show going. MOst the remainder of the program, we discuss "Has Religion Ruined Your Sex Life". We take a few calls.

Tape463_Imagine_no_superstition.mp3 - Imagine No Superstition Dr. Stephen Uhl will be our guest to discuss his book "Imagine No Superstition."

Tape462_gary_habermas_resurrection.mp3 - On The Resurrection with Gary Habermas Famed Christian apologist, author, and chairman of the philosophy

Tape461_Guy_Harrison_50_Reasons.mp3 - 50 Reasons People Give For Believing in a God. If you've ever challenged someone about why they believe in a God you've likely

Tape460_atheist_communities.mp3 - Building Atheist Communities Brother Richard and Kym Membe are the founders of AtheistNexus.org.

Tape459_Keith_Jensen_Atheist_Comic.mp3 - Keith Jensen - Atheist Comic Our guest tonight is atheist comedian and filmmaker Keith Lowell Jensen. Keith is currently on the COEXIST comedy tour with heretics and infidels from a variety of religious traditions. Keith will also be discussing his recent film, "Why lie, I need a drink?" a documentary on the myth of the 'rich homeless guy'.

Tape458_faith_healing_show.mp3 - How To get Rich As a Televangelist Bill Wilson is the author of a new book called "How to Get Rich as a Televangelist or Faith Healer." A former student at Toccoa Falls Bible College, Bill will expose the secrets and techniques of how these popular TV preachers become wealthy. Want to be the next Joel Osteen? Listen to find out how.

Tape457_price_vs_fernandez.mp3 - Debate: Is Jesus The Risen Lord? Dr. Phil Fernandes is president of the Biblical Defense Institute and author of "The God Who Sits Enthroned--Evidence for God's Existence," "No Other Gods--A Defense of Biblical Christianity," and "God, Government, & the Road to Tyranny--A Christian View of Government & Morality."  Dr. Bob Price is the author of numerous books on Christianity and fundamentalism including "The Incredible Shrinking Son of Man," "Deconstructing Jesus," and the forthcoming "A Crock of Christ," a refutation of Lee Strobel.

Tape456_michael_dowd.mp3 - Michael Dowd - Thank God For Evolution Michael Dowd is a Pentecostal preacher and evolutionary evangelist". He is an advocate of what he terms Evolution Theology, the position that science and religious faith are not mutually exclusive, but that instead the scientific process is a tool for understanding reality, and at the heart of that reality is evolution."

Tape455_ernest_slyman.mp3 - Tall Tales of The Bible Belt with Ernest Slyman Accounts of the Strange and Miraculous. Reports on Burning Bushes, Flying Bibles, and Angels who will give you a lift to church, if you don't have one.- Our guest tonight is Ernest Slyman, whose new book is called "Tall Tales of The Bible Belt." For more see http://evangelicalspectator.typepad.com

Tape454_david_steele_atheism_explained.mp3 - Atheism Explained: David Steele Our guest tonight is author David R. Steele, whose new book is called "Atheism Explained: From Folly to Philosophy." Steele is past contributor to the "Encyclopedia of Unbelief" and is also co-author of "Three Minute Therapy with psychologist Michael Edelstein.

Tape453_menarebetter.mp3 - Men Are Better Than Women Women hate sex. "Every Woman is a Cheating Whore" "Feminism Is A Business" "Women Would Vote for Hitler." So says tonight's guest, Dick Masterson of menarebetterthanwomen.com.

Tape452_massimo_pigliucci.mp3 - Massimo Pigliucci - Evolution and more One of the most common fundamentalist objections to evolutionary theory is the claim that there are large gaps in the evidence for evolution, and these gaps undermine the credibility of the theory. Dr. Massimo Pigliucci will be our guest tonight to discuss the evidence for evolution, whether gaps exist, and if so, what that means.

Tape451_numerology_dudley.mp3 - The Truth About Numerology Many of you will already be familiar with Biblical numerology in the form of superstitions regarding certain numbers (such as 7 or 666). But this is actually only a small part of the pseudo-science of numerology which shows up frequently in various religions and cults, as well as in popular culture. On tonight's show we will explore the history of this superstition with our guest, mathematician Dr. Woody Dudley. Dr. Dudley is the author of "Numerology: What Pythagoras Wrought" as well as "Mathematical Cranks. Be sure to join us as we debunk some of the claims that modern-day numerologists make even today.

Tape450__Rob_Sherman.mp3 - Rob Sherman - Civic Activist Recently, civic activist Rob Sherman testified to the Illinois Legislature about the alleged misappropriation of public money for the rebuilding of a Baptist church and was greeted with an eruption of angry, anti-atheist ranting by State Rep. Monique Davis. Sherman, a 20 year veteran crusader for atheist rights and church-state separation, will be our guest to discuss this and some of the other intolerance and retribution he has faced along the way. You can read more about this most recent controversy as well as Rob's other advocacy work at robsherman.com.

Tape449_Inside_GodTV.mp3 - A De-Conversion Story and Inside GodTV Luke Burrage was born into a fundamentalist evangelical Christian, a rare thing in England. He'll share his story about growing up in such an environment, about his beliefs and the evangelical work of his family, a few life defining near death experiences and other topics. He will also share his experiences and stories from his two years working at GOD TV, the UK based international Christian TV network... stories you have to hear to believe! Finally Luke will talk about his long de-conversion from Christianity to Atheism, and how this has affected his relationship with his family members who remain Christian, especially his father, who after 25 years of physical disability still believes God will one day heal him.

Tape448_John_Haught.mp3 - Dr. James Haught Dr. Haught is a Catholic theologian and Professor of Theology at Georgetown University. He will discuss his belief that there is no conflict between science and religion, specifically in the areas of cosmology and evolution, as well as what it means to be a theistic evolutionist. Dr. Haught is the author of &quot;God After Darwin&quot; and was an expert witness for the plaintiffs in the Dover case. His latest book is &quot;God and the New Atheism: A Critical Response to Dawkins, Harris, and Hitchens

Tape447_Price_vs_Marshall.mp3 - Did Jesus Exist? Price vs Marshall Author and Christian apologist David Marshall (of the "Jesus for skeptics tour") will take on Bob "The Bible Geek" Price on the historical evidence for Jesus of Nazareth. You won't want to miss this one! Mr. Marshall's most recent book is "The Truth Behind the New Atheism." Dr. Price is the author of "Deconstructing Jesus" as well as many other titles.

Tape446_greydon_square.mp3 - An Interview with Greydon Square Tonight's guest is atheist hip hop artist Greydon Square. For those of you who don't know his story- Greydon was raised in Compton, California. He served in the Iraq war and returned home to attend college as a physics major. As he progressed in his education Greydon began to question religious doctrine, finally becoming an outspoken atheist. He combines a high-powered intellect with a rapper's ability to communicate rapid-fire truth. Greydon's latest album is the Compton Effect.

Tape445_pz_meyers2.mp3 - PZ Meyers - Expelled and The New Creationist Agenda Having lost in the scientific arena as well as the courts, Intelligent Design advocates are now trying to appeal directly to the ignorance of the American people. The makers of &quot;<a href="http://www.expelledthemovie.com/">Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed</a>&quot; interviewed top scientists including tonight's guest on the pretense of making a movie about science. They then proceeded to do a hatchet job, cutting together clips to support their premise that creationists are the victims of scientific discrimination. Our guest tonight, evolutionary biologist and <a href="http://www.pharyngula.org/">Pharyngula.org</a> blogger P Z Myers, will discuss this latest disingenuous salvo from the fundamentalists.

Tape444_myth_of_nazareth.mp3 - The Myth of Nazareth, Rene Salm What if Jesus' hometown never existed? Historian Rene Salm has written a new book entitled "The Myth of Nazareth: The Invented Town of Jesus " in which he explores evidence from history and archaeology to deconstruct the legends surrounding this Biblical town and it's most famous resident. "The Myth of Nazereth" will be released at Easter from American Atheist Press.

Tape443_tim_freak_new_gospel.mp3 - What Would Jesus Write? with author Timothy Freke What if Jesus were to write his own story today? What would he say about how his message has been corrupted and misused by religious leaders and politicians? Tim Freke is the bestselling author of "The Jesus Mysteries" (with co-author Peter Gandy) as well as numerous author books on Christianity, spirituality, and paganism. He'll be joining us live to discuss his new book "The Gospel of The Second Coming," in which he imagines what Jesus would say to us today about his life and his teachings and their misuse over the ages.

Tape442_joe_rhea.mp3 - Healing and Courage without God - Joe Rhea As a young man Joe Rhea sustained a devastating accident. While playing football he suffered a broken neck which left him paralyzed from the neck down. With great determination and a little luck he was able to recover from that injury. But that wasn't the only dramatic transformation in his life. Instead of attributing his recovery to Jesus or the Saints, Joe went from nominal agnostic to hardcore atheist. Joe will be our guest tonight to share his inspiring story.

Tape441_over_the_edge_daniel_ott.mp3 - Over The Edge with Daniel Ott Daneil Ott is the host of theedgeam.com. A radio show about UFO's and the paranormal.

Tape440_unintelligent_design_abbie_smith.mp3 - Un-intelligent Design, with Abbie Smith Abbie Smith is a graduate student studying the molecular evolution of viruses, as well as a tireless blogger in the crusade against pseudo-science. http://endogenousretrovirus.blogspot.com

Tape439_mathematician_on_god.mp3 - Counting out God with Dr. John Allen Paulos It's our pleasure to welcome noted mathematician and best-selling author Dr. John Allen Paulos to the show this week to discuss his new book "IRRELIGION: A Mathematician Explains Why the Arguments for God Just Don't Add Up." Dr. Paulos' previous books include "Innumeracy" and "A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper."

Tape438_jc_superstar.mp3 - Jesus Christ Superstar: Dr. Bob Price He's Back! No, it's not Jesus, just the one and only Bible Geek, Dr. Robert M Price. Bob will be joining us to discuss his new book, "Jesus Christ Superstar: The Making of a Modern Gospel," as well as answering all your geekish questions about the Bible and Christianity.

Tape437_skepchick_rebecca_watson.mp3 - The Adventures of a Skeptical Chick Who ever said beauty and brains don't go together? Join us as IG welcomes Rebecca Watson, aka Skepchick to the show. Skepchick is a skeptical Wonder Woman, knocking down Psychics, Homeopaths and pseudo-science Charlatans, leaping over religious institutions in a single bound, and generally saving the world from ignorance.

Tape436_Ed_Buckner_Xian_Nation_or_free.mp3 - Christian Nation or Free country? Is the United States a Christian nation or a free country? Dr. Ed Buckner, activist, author and Board member of the Atlanta Freethought Society will be our guest to discuss recent encroachments of religion on government, including Georgia governor Sonny Perdue's public prayer for rain.

Tape435_Brandon_Burton_Vaccine_Truth.mp3 - Kooks and Killer Germs - The Truth About Vaccinations Do you have a friend who doesn't "believe in" vaccines? Chances are they are too young to remember the days when global pandemics like influenza and polio threatened to kill and cripple millions yearly. Some people today even go so far as to claim that diseases such as HIV and Avian Influenza were created by drug companies in order to make money. Please join IG and his guest Brandon Burton to discuss these issues and dispel some of the myths promoted by conspiracy theorists and anti-vaccine fundamentalists. Brandon is currently Assistant Lead Coordinator for Clinical Research for the Adenovirus Vaccine Program at the Department of Defense. You may remember Brandon from past IG shows dealing with HIV, medical quackery, and an undercover expose of faith-healer Benny Hinn.

Tape434_dan_barker_2008.mp3 - Dan Barker - 2008 Appearance Dan Barker was originally slated to appear with Alex McFarland on a point counter point discussion about Christianity.  Alex was a "no show". Instead Dan goes on to discuss the rise in freethought interest and activism, morality, his organization and the value of critical thinking.

Tape433_Beversluis_CS_Lewis.mp3 - Deconstructing C.S. Lewis - John Beversluis Before Lee Strobel, before Josh McDowell, before apologetics was a lucrative business, there was C. S. Lewis. Lewis is considered by some the reigning king of modern Christian apologetics and his arguments are frequently used by many present day apologists. Join us as philosophy professor and famed Lewis critic Dr. John Beversluis is our guest to critically consider Lewis's arguments and life in the light of rational thought.

Tape432_Steve_Wells_2.mp3 - Steve Wells appears on the program to discussion his efforts at:skepticsannotatedbible.com

Tape431_demons_are_real.mp3 - Demons Are Real! - Sean Zicari

Tape430_Radical_Eye_For_The_Infidel_Guy.mp3 - Radical Eye For The Infidel Guy Are you tired of hearing that Islam is a religion of peace while terrorist plots are uncovered, beheadings of prisoners are broadcast on the Internet, and carnage in Iraq has become routine? Are you fed up with the politically correct whitewashing of the obviously grim realities of radical Islam? Kevin J. Ryan will be our guest to expose Islamist ideology for what it really is and to help you develop your own Radical Eye.

Tape429_bad_faith.mp3 - Bad Faith Are some religions with their doctrines and practices more apt to inspire hatred and violence than others? Are the people who commit horrible acts in the name of their faith carrying out or corrupting the true message of their religion? What sorts of people are most prone to religious extremism? Social psychologist Dr. Neil Kressel draws on modern examples from Christianity and Islam to explore the psychology of fanatics and the dangers they pose to themselves, believers and non-believers.

Tape428_bart_ehrman.mp3 - Bart Ehrman We are honored to have Dr. Bart Ehrman, best-selling author of "Misquoting Jesus", as our guest to discuss the New Testament- how and why it was written and how it has been corrupted over time.

Tape427_mormonism_behind_the_mask.mp3 - Mormonism - Behind The Mask With a practicing Mormon as a

Tape426_wayne_adkins_military_atheists.mp3 - Attention Atheists: The Army Doesn't Want You Some of you may know Wayne Adkins from his YouTube videos on Biblical errors. Wayne is a former fundamentalist who attended a Baptist College and majored in Pastoral Theology with the intent of becoming a minister- that is until his studies of the Bible led him to conclude that it was full of errors and contradictions. But this is only half the story. You won't believe what happened when student Pastor Adkins became Lt. Adkins and shipped off for Iraq. Adkins tells us the story of how he wound up challenging some of the most fearsome military and political powers in the government.

Tape425_Inside_The_Mind_Of_A_Prophet.mp3 - The Mind of A Prophet Dr. Masud Ansari is our guest to discuss his latest book, "The Psychology of Mohammed: Inside the Brain of a Prophet". Dr. Ansari hold graduate degrees from the University of Tehran and George Washington University and has written over 30 books on Islam and the Koran. He will offer us his unique perspective on Islam.

Tape424_Separation_on_state_street.mp3 - The Separation on State Street Rob St. Mary is our guest to discuss his new documentary "The Separation on State Street"- the story of a Michigan woman who had the nerve to question a government sponsored nativity scene- and found herself up against a whole town. http://www.knowsaint.com/

Tape423_future_of_humanity.mp3 - The Future of Humanity In The Face of Apocalyptic Beliefs - Brian Trent Brian Trent will be our guest regarding the topic of Apocalyptic Beliefs and mans future. Brian Trent is a journalist, novelist, essayist, and screenwriter living in Connecticut. He has published articles in The Humanist, American Chronicle, E Pluribus Media, and Populist America.

Tape422_The_End_Biblical_Studies.mp3 - The End of Biblical Studies - Hector Avalos Dr. Hector Avalos joins us to discuss his recent book "The End of Biblical Studies." Dr. Avalos is a Professor of religious studies at Iowa State University with degrees from Harvard and the University of Arizona. He has been on the program prior to discuss with us his very insightful work, "Fighting Words: The Origins of Religious Violence." This time he will discuss why much of Biblical Study is self-serving and dishonest. I am almost done with "The End of Biblical Studies" and I am finding it an amazing work. IG recommended.. Get it today! He confirms much of what I have been saying for years about how the Biblical Studies establishment purposefully changes meaning, conducts egregious omissions and insertions, and distorts things to serve the purpose of maintaining the Bible as meaningful and relevant in todays modern culture. It's all a sham.

Tape421_The_Book_Church_Read.mp3 - Tim Leedom - The Book Tim Leedom, author of "The book your church doesn't want you to read," will be our guest Thursday the 26th of July @ 8PM ET. Mr. Leedom graduated from the University of Hawaii and is the recipient of several fellowships in journalism and political science. Tim has authored or edited five books, including a bestseller and an award-winning children's book, The Light Side.

Tape420_Godless_Parenting.mp3 - Godless Parenting - Dale McGowan Dale McGowan is our guest speaking about "Parenting Beyond Belief", raising children without religion. Dale is a writer, editor, critical thinking educator and US Communications Coordinator for Nonviolent Peaceforce. Join us for what is sure to be an insightful program for non-believing parents and parents-to-be. More information about Dale and his book can be found at: http://www.parentingbeyondbelief.com/about.htm

Tape419_The_End_Religion_Bruxy_Cavey.mp3 - The End of Religion - Bruxy Cavey Bruxy Cavey is a Pastor and author of the recent book, The End of Religion: Encountering the Subversive Spirituality of Jesus. He is a defender of Christianity and actually comes to save Christianity from the hijacking he believes many Religious Christians have done to Christ's teachings. We will also discuss however, why should we believe any of it at all.

Tape418_Robert_Chrystal_Former_Missionary.mp3 - Former Missionary - Robert Chrystal Robert Chrystal is a former missionary to Russia. Robert's ministry spanned 22 years until his research led him to the conclusion of the falsehoods of the Christian doctrine. We are going to talk about his experiences converting folks to Christianity and what he learned that started his path to freethought.

Tape417_Sophia_Stewart_Mother_of_The_Matrix.mp3 - Sophia Stewart claims that the Matrix story was hers and that Terminator was a precursor to the Matrix. Not a freethought show, but an interesting story.

Tape416_Freedom_From_God_Wilson.mp3 - Harry Wilson is the author of "Freedom from God: Restoring the Sense of Wonder" and "Myth and Mortality". https://www.amazon.com/Freedom-God-Restoring-Sense-Wonder/dp/0938513338  Harry Wilson, M.Div Princeton University, former missionary and author of many non-fiction and fiction works will join us to discuss his books Freedom From God and Myth And Mortality.

Tape415_The_Scientific_Worldview.mp3 - Glenn Borchardt, discusses what constitutes the scientific worldview. He's the Author of over 200 publications on science: https://www.amazon.com/Scientific-Worldview-Beyond-Newton-Einstein/dp/0595392458  r. Glenn Borchardt, Director of the Progressive Science Institute  and author of The Scientific Worldview, will be with us to discuss The Scientific Worldview. Dr. Borchardt has been involved in scientific research since 1962 and authored over 275 publications and reports. According to Borchardt, the universe is macrocosmically as well as microcosmically infinite just the opposite of what is currently being assumed by todays cosmologists.

Tape414_The_Alpha_Course_Paul_Wallis.mp3 - Paul Wallis appears to discuss The Alpha Course, A Christian apologetics' course in which the purpose is the defense of Christianity.  Paul Wallis attended a course that was designed to defend the Christian faith and provided answers to skeptics. The course is called, The Alpha Course. They boast that over 8 million have attended so far. Paul talks about what he discovered while attending.

Tape413_Rant_about_God.mp3 - Reginald Finley freestyles on his views about religion and god for a new audience of listeners at Stickam.com (now defunct).   IG's guest, Alan R didn't show so he just talks about God a little.

Tape412_Quack_Science_Stephen_Barrett.mp3 - Quack Science with Dr. Stephen Barrett Dr. Stephen Barrett of QuackWatch.org. We will discuss what is science vs quack-science and what are some of the nuttiest quackery he has ever seen. Dr. Barrett runs over 22 websites mostly dedicated to increasing public awareness about various scams and frauds.

Tape411_An_Infidel_Manifesto.mp3 - Gary Lenaire, author of, "An The Infidel Manifesto: Why Sincere Believers Lose Faith." Our guest, Gary Lenaire. Gary spent 15 years in the church. He released nine Contemporary Christian music albums, was nominated for six Gospel Music Awards, and preached the gospel in countries around the world. He later served four years as a voluntary Chaplain for the Military Department. Now a freethinker, Gary seeks to advance enlightened society.

Tape410_Alan_Catholic_Church.mp3 - Alan discusses with us the compatibility of reason and faith in the Catholic church. This show will feature Alan R. Alan is a college student and Catholic layman. He is currently studying for his Master's degree in philosophy, but likewise has an interest in theology and intends to pursue an academic degree in that area as well.  He comes on the program tonight to discuss Catholicism and explain why he believes it's true and how faith and reason can used to justify Catholic beliefs.

Tape409_God_vs_The_Bible.mp3 - John Armstrong discusses Deism and his book, "God vs The Bible". God vs. the Bible is now officially published.  Christianity is doomed! John Armstrong has been on the show before to discuss the Universism Movement (now defunct). John comes on the program to discuss Deism and his new book in which he believes that reason, logic, common sense and even Universe itself refutes the God of The Old Testament.

Tape408_Looking_For_God.mp3 - Looking for God

Tape407_Journey_from_the_beginning_of_time.mp3 - Journey From The Beginning of Time

Tape406_The_God_Murders.mp3 - Gary Devaney, author of "The God Murders" discusses with us what would happen if God were put on trial for the atrocities he committed or allowed in the Bible: http://www.thegodmurders.com Gary DeVaney has produced a video series and website in which he puts God on trial for horrendous atrocities that are spelled out, in detail, in the Bible. We discuss just how bad this character is and why people shouldn't worship him anymore. That is, unless they admire bloodthirsty immoral beings.

Tape405_Early_Black_Freethought.mp3 - Mike Estes discuss with us, Black Freethought in the early part of The Civil Rights movement. In celebration of Black History Month, Mike Estes appears to discuss with us, Black Freethought from the 1900's to 1950's. We will look at many of the very influential black freethinkers, unknown to most, that were involved in the civil rights movement and black intellectualism.

Tape404_The_Jewish_Atheist.mp3 - Dr. Allen Perlman is a Jewish atheist and secular humanist. He's the author of, "An atheist reads the Torah". Alan M. Perlman, PhD is a Secular Humanist, atheist and Author of:  "An Atheist Reads the Torah: Secular Humanistic Perspectives on the Five Books of Moses". His site: thejewishatheist.com

Tape403_Pastor_Harry_Hardwick_II.mp3 - Pastor Harry Hardwick of Landover Baptist Church makes an appearance to discuss the true Christian perspective. Brother Harry Hardwick is an honorary pastor at Landover Baptist Church, the nation's largest Southern Baptist or, as Brother Harrry puts it, "True Christian," church.  Brother Harry and his colleagues at Landover have now written a book, published by Time-Warner and available on Amazon.com and at all major book outlets, entitled: 'Welcome to Jesusland: Formerly the United States of America: Shocking Tales of Depravity, Sex and Sin, Uncovered by God's Favorite Church, Landover Baptist.'"

Tape402_The_Failure_of_the_Black_Church.mp3 - Dr. Steve Cole appears on the program to discuss how the Black Church has failed The Black Community.

Tape401_The_Resurrection_of_Jesus.mp3 - Gary Habermas and Mike Licona discuss the resurrection of Jesus. * Leading Christian theologians Gary Habermas and Michael Licona appear on the program to defend the idea that Jesus was physically resurrected from the grave. Gary is the author of "The Historical Jesus" as well as a few other other books defending the historicity of Jesus Christ and the Resurrection and Mike Licona is the author of "Paul Meets Muhammad: A Christian-Muslim Debate on the Resurrection". They co-authored a book entitled: The Case for the Resurrection of Christ.