Tape400_wayne_elise.mp3 - The Underground World of Seduction - Wayne "Juggler" Elise * A New York Times best-selling journalist once stumbled upon an underground sub-culture that changed his life. It was a community of men obsessively working out a science of attraction, picking up dates in bars and clubs and "closing the deal" with women within minutes of first meeting them.

Tape399_Graham_Oppy.mp3 - Graham Oppy - Does God Exist? Is an infinitely old universe impossible? Must everything that begins to exist have a cause? Is there a God responsible and sovereign over all of creation? Is atheism rational? Dr. Graham Oppy, author of "Arguing About Gods" Philosophical Perspectives on Infinity</a>&quot; appears on the show to give us perhaps the most educational and engaging discussion that we've had on this topic to date. James Laz arus is co-host and we pick up after the show for another hour. Laz confuses the hell out of me.

Tape398_Michael_Ruse.mp3 - Michael Ruse - Design and Evolution * Dr. Michael Ruse, author of "<a href="http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/052182947X/theinfideguyl-20">Darwinism and its Discontents</a>", reappears on the program to discuss the conflict between the Design Movement and the Fact of Evolution.

Tape397_Manata_Jones.mp3 - Manata/Jones - Apologetics in Reformed Theology Paul Manata of "Pressing the Antithesis" appears on the program with Kile Jones, student of theological studies at Boston University, to explain and defend the Reformed apologetic of Cornelius Van Til and Greg Bahnsen. Manata is well known for his popular debate with Dan Barker, and recently Jones has involved himself with debates on Dr. Zachary Moore's program "Apologia".

Tape396_Phil_Fernandez.mp3 - Christianity is True - Phil Fernandez Dr. Phil Fernandes, president of the Institute of Biblical Defense and the author of "The God Who Sits Enthroned", appears on the program to argue that Christianity is true, and even more, evolutionary biology is false! Fernandes has been in several debates with highly respected atheists, including Jeffery Jay Lowder and Dr. Michael Martin.

Tape395_Platinga_ontology_morality.mp3 - Alvin Plantinga on Ontology and Morality

Tape394_Ethics_without_God.mp3 - Ethics without God - Laz and Kevin Currie Kevin Currie and later Laz, discuss morality and ethics without God.

Tape393_atheist_debaters_podcast_II.mp3 - Atheist Debaters Podcast II * James Lazarus and Kevin Currie appear on the program to provide us with part deux of the 'Atheist Debaters Podcast'. On this show, we focus on the the fine-tuning argument, irreducible complexity and ethics without God.

Tape392_Frank_Zindler_Creationism_Fails.mp3 - Why Creationism Fails - Frank Zindler Frank Zindler is a former professor of biology and geology in the State University of New York. He is currently the Editor of American Atheist Magazine and Director of American Atheists Press. He appears tonight to discuss Young Earth Creationism, typical arguments from YEC's against Evolution, Geology Facts that don't support YEC, discuss Noah's Flood and well, basically... he's going to destroy Biblical Creationism.

Tape391_Rational_Belief.mp3 - Rational Belief - Mitch Reed * Mitchell Reed became a believer at the age of eighteen. Since then, he's gone on to attend college at private Christian institutions, and has become convinced that it is perfectly right, rational, and reasonable for a person to believe in God and Christianity. He appears on our show to tell us exactly why.

Tape390_Sam_Harris2.mp3 - Sam Harris - Second interview - Letter to a Christian Nation Sam Harris told us in "The End of Faith" that blind religious beliefs are too dangerous for our nuclear age. The book became a New York Times bestseller, and now he appears on our program just days before the release of his new book, "Letter to a Christian Nation". The book is set to release on September 19th.

Tape389_ryan_sutter_witnesses.mp3 - Leaving Jehovah's Witnesses - Ryan Sutter Ryan Sutter was a devoted Jehovah's Witness, baptized at age 15. Over a decade later, his "entire belief system fell apart, largely due to talkorigins.org". Sutter wrote to TalkOrigins, a famous post of the month entitled "You've changed my life. Thanks, I think."

Tape388_acharya_price.mp3 - Bob Price and Acharya S - Bible History Dr. Robert M. Price and Acharya S. appear on the program together to discuss their ideas about ancient history and the early development of Christianity. Both Price and Acharya are looking forward to addressing any questions that you have for them, so make sure to call in!

Tape387_Laz_Debating_Common_Sense.mp3 - Debating Common Sense - James Lazarus Originally, many IG fans anticipated that the "Atheist Debater's Podcast" done by Craig Brooks and James Lazarus would address common theistic arguments, instead of the sophisticated ones. On this show, Lazarus appears to discuss these common arguments, and to show us how to properly handle debating the layman on this issue.

Tape386_PZ_Meyers_ID_and_Evolution.mp3 - PZ Meyers - The failure of Intelligent Design * P. Z. Myers is a biologist and associate professor at the University of Minnesota Morris. He is a devoted blogger extraordinairre and considered one of the fiercest and most vocal critics against both Intelligent Design and Young Earth Creationism. Myers has been a contributor to the TalkOrigins usenet group, and has been referenced in science magazines like Nature. He's coming aboard to discuss with us the failure of Intelligent Design.

Tape385_Philosophy_Of_Humanism.mp3 - The Philosophy of Humanism - David Koepsell David Koepsell, executive director of the Council for Secular Humanism, appears on the show to introduce us to the council, and to discuss the philosophy that the Council follows. Many previous guests of our program are currently board members of the Council

Tape384_Charles_Goodman_The_Doctrine_of_No_Self.mp3 - The Doctrine of No-Self - Charles Goodman Professor Charles Goodman of Binghamton University appears on the program to give us an introduction to Buddhist philosophy Charles Goodman, professor of eastern philosophy at Binghamton University, reappears on the program to discuss why atheists should believe the doctrine that there is no such thing as an individual self. Goodman's last program was a hit, when he discussed Buddhism and the Buddhist's rejection of the existence of God.

Tape383_Atwill_and_Price-NT_Origins.mp3 - Bob Price vs Joe Atwill - NT Origins Biblical scholar and author Dr. Robert M. Price and author Joseph Atwill discuss the origins of the New Testament. Atwill is convinced that The Flavians of Rome created the story while Price thinks that the New Testament is the result of a gradual synthesizing of gnosticism, mystery religions and divine hero cults. Simply put, Bob has a "bottom-up" view while Atwill's position seems to be "top-down".

Tape382_Paul_Kurtz.mp3 - The Legacy of Paul Kurtz Paul Kurtz, founder of CSICOP, and chief officer of the Council for Secular Humanism, just celebrated his eightieth birthday last December! This show is focused on the legacy that he has built for us over the years as one of the most influential and pioneering humanist philosophers.

Tape381_Michael_Ruse.mp3 - Professor Michael Ruse - Creationism and Evolution * Michael Ruse, professor of philosophy at the University of Florida, appears on the show to discuss evolution, Intelligent Design, Young Earth Creationism, and theistic evolution. Ruse, a famous philosopher of science, is one of the most prominent critics of creationism, and has testified in court cases as an expert witness. His newest book, "Darwinism and its Discontents", has just hit the bookshelves!

Tape380_An_Atheist_Debaters_Podcast_I.mp3 - An Atheist Debater's Podcast Part I -  James Lazarus and Craig Brooks come on the program to provide us an awesome show. This program will be a great reference for atheists on how to properly debate theists.

Tape379_Flavians_Created_Jesus_Joe_Atwill.mp3 - The Flavians Created Jesus - Joe Atwill * Joseph Atwill appears on the program to discuss with us a controversial idea. The Jesus story was an invention of the Flavians.

Tape378_Religion_and_Homosexuality.mp3 - Religion and Homosexuality - Shawn Gillick * Shawn Gillick appears to discuss at length with us about how gays and lesbians are still under attack from Christian americans.

Tape377_MasonryII_Lynn_Wagner.mp3 - Lynn Wagner - Masons II * Lynn Wagner will discuss why he has left the Masons since becoming an atheist. Lynn was a 32nd degree Mason. He enjoyed the program prior about FreeMasonry and believes he has some more information about FreeMasonry from a different perspective.

Tape376_Dan_Barker_Paul_Manata_Debate.mp3 - Dan Barker vs Paul Manata - Xian Theism vs Atheism Paul Manata and Dan Barker square off to debate the rationality of two ideas at odds: Christian Theism and Atheism.

Tape376_Dan_Barker_Paul_Manata_Debate_aftershow.mp3 - Dan Barker vs Paul Mantana Aftershow

Tape375_steve_gregg_why_christian.mp3 - Steve Gregg - Why I am a Christian * Steve Gregg of thenarrowpath.com is coming on the program to talk about why he is a Christian. He is the author of: "Revelation: Four Views"

Tape374_religion_in_the_military_cooper.mp3 - Religion in the Military - Ryan Cooper * Ryan Cooper is a Staff Sergeant in the US AirForce (7yrs). Ryan comes on the program to discuss with us how the Armed Forces allows Christian dogma into its organization even though it is supposed to be a secular and diverse team. Also, Ryan will discuss the propaganda used to help motivate us to fight terrorists.

Tape373_Todd_Friel_vs_IG.mp3 - Todd Friel Vs IG Todd Friel makes his debut appearance on IG.com. A waste of time. 2 hours of crap

Tape372_Lenni_Brenner_Religion_in_Politics.mp3 - Lenni Brenner - Religion in Politics * Lenni Brenner returns to talk us about the role of religion in politics since WWII. Lenni Brenner is the author of 4 books, Zionism in the Age of the Dictators, The Iron Wall: Zionist Revisionism from Jabotinsky to Shamir, Jews in America Today, and The Lesser Evil, a study of the Democratic Party. His books have been favorably reviewed in 11 languages by prominent publications, including the London Times, The London Review of Books, Moscow's Izvestia and the Jerusalem Post.

Tape371_Truth_About_FreeMasonry_Rich_Rodriguez.mp3 - Truth About FreeMasonry - Rich Rodriguez * Rich Rodriguez has been a Mason for 8 years. He is the founder of the New Philosophé Society. At his Masonic Lodge, he is ranked a Junior Warden and designated as lecturer. Rich has a BA in History and is now working on his MBA. We will reveal the misconceptions about FreeMasonry, discuss the history of Free Masonry

Tape370_Remembering_Hypatia.mp3 - Remembering Hypatia with Brian Trent: The True Story of a woman that was practically erased from history. Brian Trent is the author of the award-winning novel REMEMBERING HYPATIA, which has just recently been nominated for Book of the Year by ForeWord Magazine. This true story of a brilliant woman erased from history has garnered high praise from Writer's Digest, National Public Radio, and Yale, among many others.

Tape369_Pam_McCrary_Bible_as_Satire.mp3 - Pam McCrary - The Bible as Satire PamAlonia McCrary, of Godisajoke.com. Pam's basic premise is that the Hebrew Bible was primarily written as a satire to undermine the violent regime of the God.

Tape368_The_Bible_DeBunks_Itself_Aaron_Rossetti.mp3 - The Bible Debunks Itself - Aaron Rossetti * Many of us have heard, by many of the faithful, that if we'd just read their "holy" texts that we'd see the truth of their beliefs. Well, Aaron Rosetti, founder of outofchristianity.com comes on the program to talk to us about how the Bible itself lead him away Christianity

Tape367_DaVinci_Code_Bob_Price.mp3 - What The Da Vinci Code got right - Bob Price * Biblical scholar, Dr. Robert M. Price appears to discuss with us what the DaVinci Code Movie and Book Got right. We separate the fact from fiction. The truth may be even more startling. Bob is the author of: "The Da Vinci Fraud: Why the Truth is Stranger Than Fiction".

Tape366_Tony_Hendra_Rapture_is_Crapture.mp3 - Tony Hendra - The Rapture is Crapture * May 31st, 2006 @ 8PM ET. Tony Hendra attended Cambridge University, where he performed frequently with friends and future Monty Pythons John Cleese and Graham Chapman. He was editor in chief of Spy, an original editor of National Lampoon, and he played Ian Faith in This Is Spinal Tap. He has written frequently for New York, Harper's, GQ, Vanity Fair, Men's Journal, and Esquire. His first book, Father Joe, was a New York Times Bestseller. He appears to discuss why he knows that the rapture is crapture.

Tape365_Richard_Carrier_HIstory_and_Bible.mp3 - Dr. Richard Carrier, History in The Bible * Historian and philosopher, Richard Carrier pays us a visit to talk about the Historical Method and tells us what history has to say about some of the claims of the Bible. Primarily an expert of the Greco-Roman period of history we will focus on the New Testament but we will also talk about a few claims made in the Old Testament. Feel free to call in and ask Richard any questions you may have about the History of the Bible. Richard is contributing author to the book The Empty Tomb: Jesus beyond the Grave and author of Sense and Goodness without God.

Tape364_Secular_Sobriety_Jim_Christopher.mp3 - Secular Sobriety - Jim Christopher James Christopher, a sober alcoholic since April 24, 1978, originally attended Alcoholics Anonymous, but broke from AA early in his recovery due to his discomfort with the AA approach. Discovering his own godless method of recovery, Jim went on to later found SOS (Secular Organizations for Sobriety / Save our Selves) in 1985. Jim is going to talk to us about how alcohol abusers can recover without superstition.

Tape363_Jamila_Bey_Health_Fitness_Myths.mp3 - Jamila Bey - Health Fitness Myths * Jamila Bey returns to talk to us about some of the myths surrounding health and fitness. What are the best ways to lose weight? Turn fat into muscle? Cramps, what hell is that? How to gain weight? Can one exercise to much? Does working out shorten your lifespan? Is a calorie and calorie? This and more.

Tape362_Critical_Thinking-Ben_Radford.mp3 - Critical Thinking with Ben Radford. Myths and Manias - Benjamin Radford has conducted investigations on (and written articles about) many mysterious animals including Bigfoot and several lake monsters. He is author of Media Mythmakers: How Journalists, Activists, and Advertisers Mislead Us and co-author of Hoaxes, Myths, and Manias: Why We Need Critical Thinking. Radford is also managing editor of Skeptical Inquirer magazine and Director of Publications for the Center for Inquiry-International.

Tape361_David_Shade_Sex_Master.mp3 - David Shade - Sex Master * May 12th, 2006 @ 8PM ET. David Shade coaches men on how to give women incredible pleasure. He also teaches couples on how to enhance their sexual relationships.

Tape361_David_Shade_Sex_Master_aftershow_Part11.mp3 - David Shade - Part II David Shade Aftershow

Tape360_Why_Atheists_Dont_Believe.mp3 - Why Atheists Don't Believe - Greg Cooper Greg is a Deacon at the Free Presbyterian Church in Malvern, PA. He comes on the program to discuss why he believes atheists don't believe in God, what it takes for them to believe in God, and what would happen if they did believe in God.

Tape359_Bioethics_without_Belief.mp3 - Richard Hull - BioEthics without Belief Richard is currently the Executive Director of (TAA) Text and Academic Authors Association and the (TAA) Foundation. http://www.TAAonline.net

Tape358_Holistic_Cancer_Cure.mp3 - Cured of Stage 4 Cancer Holistically Ken comes on to talk about how he was cured of Stage 4 Cancer and how the gubment is hiding these cures. Site: kisscancergoodbye.com

Tape357_Reality_Check.mp3 - Reality Check - David Weiner * April 28th, 2006 @ 8PM ET. David L. Weiner, author of "Reality Check" comes on the program to discuss with us how he's certain that "everything's up there" in our heads. David will talk to us about the science that shows us that, memories, thoughts, dreams, etc are all in our heads! Go figure! :)

Tape356_Origins_Religious_Violence_Avalos.mp3 - The Origins of Religious Violence - Hector Avalos Dr. Hector Avalos is an Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Iowa State University. He also is the founder and Director of the U.S. Latino Studies Program at ISU, and the Executive Director of the Committee for the Scientific Examination of Religion, a part of the Council for Secular Humanism based in Amherst, New York.

Tape355_Marijuana_Facts_Mitch_Earleywine.mp3 - Facts and Myths about Marijuana - Mitch Earleywine Dr. Mitch Earleywine is Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University at Albany, State University of New York, where he teaches drugs and human behavior, substance abuse treatment and clinical research methods.<br /><br />He has been quoted in many national publications and has appeared on National Public Radio's &quot;Talk of the Nation&quot; and &quot;Weekend Edition&quot;. He serves on the advisory board for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, and is a member of the Research Society on Alcoholism, the Association for the Advancement of Behavior Therapy, and the Drug Policy Alliance. <br /><br />Mitch Earleywine, Ph.D. comes on to talk to us about the Facts and Myths concerning Marijuana. We will also discuss the War on Drugs and more..

Tape354_Jamila_Bey_II_Variety.mp3 - Jamila Bey - Atheist Comedienne II - Variety Jamilla Bey comes back, as promised, to do some atheist standup for us. Let's see if she's really funny?

Tape353_Susan_Sackett_Humanism_StarTrek.mp3 - Susan Sackett, former secretary of Gene Roddenberry speaks with us about Gene's personal beliefs and vision. Check out her site at insidetrek.com

Tape352_Theological_Vacillation_Obermeister.mp3 - Theological Vacillation - Paul A look into why we change our theological positions.

Tape351_Atheism_a_Belief.mp3 - Is Atheism a Belief? - Kevin Currie Kevin S Currie regularly contribures to the IG forum under the name kevinthepragmaticist. He holds a Masters degree in Political Studies from the University of Richmond. As a lifelong atheist, he will come on the show to discuss reasons why atheism is best seen as a positive belief. Kevin has written an essay on the subject for a tentative book on atheism by IG forum contributors.

Tape350_Buddhism_and_God_Belief_Goodman.mp3 - Charles Goodman - March 31st, 2006. Buddhism and God Charles Goodman is a philosophy professor at the University of Binghamton University in New York. He comes on the program to discuss Buddhism. Facts and Things to Ponder from a Secular Perspective.

Tape349_Hemant_Mehta_Ebay_Atheist.mp3 - Hemant Mehta - Ebay Atheist * March 29th, 2006 @ 8PM ET. Hemant Mehta is the Chair of the Secular Student Alliance (www.secularstudents.org) Board of Directors.

Tape348_Arguments_Against_God.mp3 - Arguments Against God - IG and Dan Sawyer

Tape347_Jamila_Bey.mp3 - Jamila Bey - Atheist Comedian

Tape346_Jon_Lovy_Critical_Thought_and_Medicine.mp3 - Jon Lovy - Critical Thought and Medicine

Tape345_John_Henderson_II.mp3 - John Henderson - God.com II

Tape344_Rosenberg_Mystery_of_Consciousness.mp3 - Gregg Rosenberg - Mystery of Consciousness

Tape343_Joe_Holman_II.mp3 - Joe Holman - From Minister to Atheist II Joe Holman reappears to talk to us some more about why he left the ministry and why he finds that atheism makes more sense than theism. Joe is working on 2 books currently, "The Bible's X- Files" and "Pissing In the Primordial Ooze". We'll talk about how these are coming along as well. Joe's last appearance was one of IG's best shows.

Tape342_Inductive_Logic.mp3 - Inductive Logic - Gregory Lopez

Tape341_Christian_DeQuincey2_3rd_alternative.mp3 - A 3rd alternative to evolution and creationism is proposed by Christian DeQuincey

Tape340_Richard_Dawkins.mp3 - Richard Dawkins makes an appearance on the Infidel Guy Show.

Tape339_Laura_Moore_Power_Sexuality.mp3 - Laura Moore, Power Sexuality * February 17th, 2006 @ 8PM ET. Her last program was a hit! - Laura Moore, America's "Sexpert" reappears on our program to discuss her new DVD, "Power Sexuality", and to capitalize on the interview that she gave to us months ago. Laura has been a science writer for Penthouse Magazine since 1997, and she has her own sex and fitness columns in IronMan Magazine and Fitness Rx for Men. Laura writes freelance for dozens of publications, and once hosted her own talk show, 'The Health Nuts', heard throughout the Southern U.S. and around the globe from April 1999 to December 2001.

Tape338_Michael_Shermer2.mp3 - Michael Shermer's Second Appearance.

Tape337_Taner_Edis_Science_and_Nonbelief.mp3 - Taner Edis - Science and Non-Belief

Tape336_Doug_Ittner_Newman_Report.mp3 - Doug Ittner Newman Report

Tape335_Eddie_Tabash_Atheism_Justifiable.mp3 - Eddie Tabash - Is Atheism Justifiable? 2 hours with Eddie Tabash, our favorite Los Angeles lawyer and top notch atheist debater, reappears on the program to discuss the strong evidence that points to a world without God.

Tape334_Niall_Shanks.mp3 - Niall Shanks - God, The Devil and Darwin Niall Shanks of Kansas' Wichita State University, appears on our program to discuss his celebrated book "God, the Devil, and Darwin" - a critique of the current Intelligent Design movement. Have you ever wonder what the real deal is with entropy? Or if there really are irreducibly complex systems that just can't evolve?

Tape333_Barbara_Forrest_Dover_case.mp3 - Dr. Barbara Forrest - Intelligent Design and Dover Dr. Barbara Forrest, author of "Creationism's Trojan Horse" reappears on the program to discuss her thoughts about design, evolution, and the recent court case heard in Dover, Pennsylvania. Dr. Forrest provided key testimony at the trial herself, and we'll hear first hand how it all unfolded.

Tape332_Radical_Libertarianism_Stefan_Molyneux.mp3 - Radical Libertarianism and Anarchy Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio and writer for the popular "Liberty, Free Markets, and Rationality" weblog, appears on our program to give a defense of libertarianism and anarchism. Molyneux is known for his ardent defenses of laissez-faire systems and the immorality of government. He is also a noted Objectivist, arguing for the idea that we can have "a universal morality without reference to religion".

Tape331_Rob_Sherman_Civic_Activist.mp3 - Rob Sherman - Civic Activist Civic activist Rob Sherman comes on the program to talk to us about his candidacy for State Rep in Illinois. It's well known that Rob is an atheist. He will talk to us about the various issues he's bringing to the platform. Rob states that it's important that atheists realize that according to Bush, THEY are the enemies of the war of terror and that now, Bushy boy wants to spy on anyone that he considers enemies of the war on terror.

Tape330_Panpsychism_Xian_de_Quincey.mp3 - Christian de Quincey - Panpsychism Christian de Quincey, author of "Radical Knowing" appears on the program to discuss the philosophy of mind and the nature of our relationships to one another through the mind. DeQuincey has argued for a surprising idea: We are not who we think we are. We are our relationships. Special thanks to Eric Sherman for suggesting the idea of this show.

Tape329_Eddie_Tabash_Church_State.mp3 - Church & State - Eddie Tabash Eddie Tabash, a Los Angeles lawyer and one of the top atheist debaters of our day, appears on the program to discuss activism and Church-State separation. Tabash has been an essential activist for organizations such as the Internet Infidels for some time, and he has debated top notch philosophers himself, including Richard Swinburne and William Lane Craig. A must-listen program!

Tape328_loftus_after_show.mp3 - John Loftus extended "After Show". Just ranting a bit. :) and answering questions.

Tape328_John_Loftus.mp3 - John Loftus - From Minister to Atheist John Loftus, former Christian minister comes on to talk about his book: Why I left Christianity.

Tape327_Evolution_and_Fossil_Record_Brazeau.mp3 - Evolution and The Fossil Record with Martin Brazeau *  PhD candidate at Uppsala University in Sweden, appears on the program to discuss his research in evolutionary biology and the fossil record, critiquing those whacky creationist claims about evolution! Brazeau has been a strong critic against the Intelligent Design movement, and maintains a blog on evolution and natural history called the Lancelet, which can be found here: http://lancelet.blogspot.com.

Tape326_Intro_to_Logic_and_Critical_Thinking.mp3 - An Intro To Logic and Critical Thinking Gregory Lopez, David Coss, and Christopher Smith appear on the program to give us an introduction to logic and critical thinking. All three of our guests are respected members within our own community (Philosophos, Chaoslord, and Todangst). Greg Lopez is a contributor to the forthcoming Journal of Higher Analysis, a philosophical analysis journal. David Coss is a philosophy student and has appeared on Gene Cook's, "The Atheist Hour", where he defended religious skepticism. Christopher Smith is the owner of candleinthedark.com, a popular and educational website that discusses history, philosophy, and logic. This show will expand upon our last program with Professor Rayfield Waller of Wayne State University, not only introducing logic and critical thinking, but discussing how they can be applied in science and other fields of study as well.

Tape325_James_Lazarus_vs_Clint_Roberts.mp3 - James Lazarus vs Clint Roberts

Tape324_Stonerock_Finley_God.mp3 - Stonerock and Finley - A discussion about God Pastor Jeff Stonerock who "co-starred" with The Infidel Guy in Wife Swap, comes on the program to talk about why he believes in God.. and IG mentions a few reasons why he just doesn't buy the Bible stories.

Tape323_IG_Call_In_Rant_Show.mp3 - Call In and Rant Show * Guest didn't show so I grabbed the mic and rocked it once again. The callers and i talked about a ton of different stuff.

Tape322_Legislating_Morality.mp3 - Legislating Morality - Gene Wagoner * Gene Van Wagoner, a politician and activist, appears on the program to discuss his article, "Legislating Morality", as well as his efforts to show the American people why repealing the 17th amendment would be beneficial to our nation. Wagoner has been i

Tape321_What_Is_Logic_Waller.mp3 - What is Logic - Rayfield Waller * Professor Rayfield Waller is Philosophy and English Professor at McComb County Community College and Wayne State University in MaryLand. He comes on the program to talk about logic.

Tape320_Debate_Turek_Carrier_Resurrection.mp3 - Carrier vs Turek - The Resurrection of Jesus Historian and philosopher Richard Carrier author of "Sense and Goodness without God" and co-author of "The Empty Tomb: Jesus beyond the Grave." reappears on the program to go head to head with apologist Frank Turek, author of "I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist". This time, Carrier and Turek face off on the subject of the Resurrection of Jesus, with a special formal debate format. A must-listen program!

Tape319_In_Memory_of_Allan_Glenn.mp3 - In Memory of Allen Glenn - Allen appeared on the program prior to discuss his life as an atheist while suffering with cystic fibrosis. His website: SaveAllen.org :-( * Allan Glenn, one of our own beloved infidels, passed away this morning in a hospital surrounded by his family and loved ones. This show will discuss his accomplishments, his struggle, as well as the difficult subject of atheism and death. We hope to hear from friends of Allan, recalling fonder memories and his amazing sense of humour. This show is dedicated to his memory, and to the loved ones that he left behind Shockingly, Jessica, Allan's Fiance' calls-in and leaves both Laz and Reggie even more speechless than they were prior.

Tape318_Nicolaos_Alexopoulos_Alexandria.mp3 - Nicolaos Alexopoulos- Alexandria Dr. Nicolaos Alexopoulos, Dean of Engineering at the U.C. Irvine and Greek scholar and lecturer, appears on the program to discuss the history of the Library of Alexandria and other related Greek topics

Tape317_Theism_more_tenable_than_atheism.mp3 - Tim Callahan - Bible Prophecy Tim Callahan, Religion Editor for Skeptic magazine, appears on the program to discuss his highly acclaimed book, "Bible Prophecy: Failure or Fulfillment?" Callahan has taken the very best arguments from apologists on this subject and shown them to fail each and every time, and he comes highly recommended from skeptics like Dr. Michael Shermer. Read James Holding's retort of Callhan's work.

Tape316_Bible_Prophecy_Tim_Callahan.mp3 - Tim Callahan - Bible Prophecy Tim Callahan, Religion Editor for Skeptic magazine, appears on the program to discuss his highly acclaimed book, "Bible Prophecy: Failure or Fulfillment?" Callahan has taken the very best arguments from apologists on this subject and shown them to fail each and every time, and he comes highly recommended from skeptics like Dr. Michael Shermer. Read James Holding's retort of Callhan's work.

Tape315_Atheist_Universe_David_Mills.mp3 - Atheist Universe - David Mills David Mills, author of the number one best-selling skeptic book "Atheist Universe", appears on the program to discuss his book, the subject of atheism v. theism, and just about anything else that comes to mind!

Tape314_Alonzo_Fyfe_Ethics_and_God.mp3 - Ethics & God - Alonzo Fyfe Ethicist Alonzo Fyfe reappears on the program to examine theistic moral arguments and why they all fail. Many IG fans, and even the Infidel Guy himself, have experienced a renewed interest in these arguments as we examine how we can sensibly live our lives now that the concept of gods are not a part of it.

Tape313_Dan_Barker_Atheist_Outlets.mp3 - Dan Barker - On Atheist Outlets * For many of us, Christianity helped to fill the void of emptiness and hardship that we experience whenever we suffer from emotional turmoil. Now that we are religious skeptics, what is there to help us in times of pain? Dan Barker, author of Losing Faith in Faith, appears on the program to tackle this issue.

Tape312_Joe_Nickell_Exorcisms.mp3 - Joe Nickell - Exorcisms Dr. Joe Nickell appears on the program once again, but this time, to talk to us about the scientific method, demon possession and Exorcisms. Joe has some interesting stuff to tell us about the movie The Exorcist. He's going to separate the fact from fiction.

Tape311_Corruption_in_AA_hetman_silverman.mp3 - Corruption in AA Hetman Silverman Corruption in American Atheists? - Chad Hetman and David Silverman

Tape310_Michael_Heiser_Sitchin_ufo_theories.mp3 - Michael Heiser - UFO Critique Sitchin * Dr. Michael Heiser appears on the program to critique the work of Zechariah Sitchin and other weirdo UFO theorists. This has been a much anticipated show for a number of IG fans. Special thanks to Charles Kennedy for suggesting the idea of this program.

Tape309_Ethics_Without_God_Morey_Wielenberg.mp3 - Debate: Absolute Morality WithOut God * Dr. Robert Morey reappears on the program to debate Erik Wielenberg, author of "Value and Virtue in a Godless Universe", on the subject of ethics without God. Morey is hailed as one of the primary western voices against Islam, and the Internet Infidels have recommended Wielenberg's book as perhaps the greatest defense of atheistic ethics ever written. If you remember, Morey stated last time he was here, that the "US should Nuke Mecca".

Tape309_aftershow_commentary.mp3 - Ethics Without Morality - Aftershow Commentary 

Tape308_Bad_Apologetics.mp3 - Bad Apologetics - IG and Laz IG and Laz talk about what arguments believers shouldn't use when defending God.

Tape307_Indy_Atheists_and_Variety.mp3 - Indy Atheists and Variety * Gold Member, SteveofIndy, Steve Duerr, talks to us about his skeptic group. We talk about Christianity and also Homosexuality.

Tape306_Norm_Allen_Black_Religiosity.mp3 - Norm Allen Jr - Black Religiosity. Why are blacks so religious? Norm Allen delves into the origin of Black american piety. Norm Allen Jr, Director of African Americans for Humanism (AAH) returns to discuss disbelief in the black community. We will address issues such as why is religion so rooted within the black community? What is humanism? What is atheism? Why we disbelieve and much more.

Tape305_Allan_Glenn.mp3 - Allan Glenn - A Struggle To Survive * Allan Glenn, former manager of Fundies Say the Darndest Things and owner of "The Wonderful World of Winace" appears on the program to discuss his struggle to survive. Allan has cystic fibrosis, a deadly lung disease, and if he cannot raise the $500,000 for surgery within two years, he may not live. Allan is being supported by a great number of religious skeptics who have known him for years, struggling alongside him to save his life. If you are able, please donate for the cause at www.save-allan.org.

Tape304_Rant_Show_call_in.mp3 - IG Variety Program * A call-in rant program in which I greet the many people coming over from blackplanet.com, I discuss atheism, why I doubt the Bible as fact, my confusion about why anything exists at all, freethought organizations, Gastrich's odd belief that he answered Dan Barker's Easter challenge, god's odd morality and his defenders,  and more. This will be quite repetitive and boring to seasoned listeners. Forgive my perfomance this night.. I was pretty darned ill. Admin Note: Not the best of shows, but you may find it mildly entertaining.

Tape303_Price_IG_Heaven_Sky.mp3 - Dr. Bob Price and Reginald Finley (IG) discuss whether Heaven is simply what the ancients envisioned as the sky! Shamayim. * Dr. Robert M. Price and IG talk about their essay, Heaven and Its Wonders, and Earth: , and respond to criticisms.

Tape302_Rita_Marker_Fred_Lykes.mp3 - Rita Marker - Physician Assisted Suicide Rita Marker, executive director of the International Task Force on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide, appears on the program to discuss why the legalization of assisted suicide is a very bad idea. My eager and slightly rambunctious co-host for tonight was Fred Lykes.  This is completely unedited. I even left in my confusing remarks in the end. This issue is far from settled.

Tape301_The_Empty_Tomb.mp3 - The Empty Tomb - Lowder and Price * Dr. Robert Price isn't a theist, but he loves the Bible. In fact he loves it so much, he attends church! This new show is truly all about anyone interested in the Bible and world religions. With the assistance of the Infidel Guy, Bob Price will be answering your questions every Sunday @ 4PM EST. Bob believes that we can solve Bible puzzles by the use of criticism, not attacking the Bible. Bob wants to understand the Bible, and it will become clear that a love for this understanding is almost always hampered by biblical literalists.