* Please be advised that some shows may be missing at interviewer request. Especially many of my shows challenging Islam. We lost one person due to a vicious attack in Pakistan. :-(

Tape300_maurice_hamington.mp3 - Dr. Maurice Hamington is a professor of Philosophy at the University of Southern Indiana where he teaches feminist philosophy.

Tape299_The_Concept_of_Immortality.mp3 - The Concept of Immortality * Keith Augustine, executive director of the Internet Infidels, re-appears on the program to discuss the concept of immortality. Augustine will discuss his interest in this topic, the case against life after death, the history of disbelief in an afterlife, whether we can come to terms with the inevitability of ceasing to exist forever, and whether those who disbelieve in life after death are more malicious than afterlife-believers.

Tape298_Son_Of_Man_Marvin_Mohammad.mp3 - Marvin Mohammad claims to be the "Son of Man" as mentioned in the Holy Bible. Hilarity ensued.

Tape297_Collen_Passard_Catholic_Abuse.mp3 - Colleen Passard - Abuse in the Catholic Church. She's the author of: Betrayal of Innocence: https://www.amazon.com/Betrayal-Innocence-Colleen-Passard/dp/1413743137 Colleen Passard, author of "The Betrayal of Innocence" appears on the program to discuss her book and the alarming true story behind it. "Betrayal" is a tautly written thriller that tells one woman's story of abuse and her struggle to reclaim her innocence. Passard herself was physically, sexually, and mentally abused by the priest of her childhood Catholic Church. As an adult, Passard sued the church and faced the tyranny of patriarchy. She will talk to us about these subjects and share the experiences that she has had to endure as a result of this ordeal.

Tape296_Laura_Moore_Sexpert.mp3 - Laura Moore - Sexpert. Nuff' said. Laura Moore has been a science writer for Penthouse Magazine since 1997, and she has her own sex and fitness columns in IronMan Magazine and Fitness Rx for Men. She is a freelance writer for dozens of publications, and once hosted her own talk show, 'The Health Nuts', heard throughout the Southern U.S. and around the globe from April 1999 to December 2001. Ms. Moore will be appearing on the program to discuss the science and health that lies behind flirting and love-making, as well as the many important secrets and tips to great sex.

Tape295_Richard_Abanes_Variety.mp3 - Richard Abanes - Cults, End times, Harry Potter Noted journalist Richard Abanes appears on the program to discuss cults, occultism, The Dangers of Harry Potter, and End Time Prophecies. His theological ideas peeked my interest so we spent more time than we should discussing his theological views. His most recent book is: 'The Truth Behind the Da Vinci Code' which we also ran out time to discuss. :(

Tape294_A_Decade_of_Internet_Infidels.mp3 - A Decade of Internet Infidels * Former president of the Internet Infidels, Jeff Lowder, current executive director Keith Augustine, and public relations director Clark Adams all appear on the program to discuss and celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Secular Web! We'll discuss the achievements and progression that the Infidels have experienced through the years, the position that they stand for, their most memorable projects, and much, much more.  Keith is the loudest, Clark is the lowest and Lowder is right in the middle as far as volume. :)  Music: TESKO: Cold Cut Sub

Tape293_Politics_Of_ID.mp3 - The politics of Intelligent Design. What are the ID'ers endgame? Dr. Barbara Forest - Intelligent Design * Barbara Forrest is a Professor of Philosophy at Southeastern Louisiana University. She is the co-author with scientist Paul R. Gross of "Creationism's Trojan Horse," which examines the goals and strategies of the intelligent design creationist movement. She has also authored articles on intelligent design creationism for Natural History, Academe, Science and Theology News, and has an article with Paul Gross in Noretta Koertge's upcoming book, "Scientific Values and Civic Virtues." She currently serves on the board of directors of the National Center for Science Education and the National Advisory Council of Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

Tape292_Church_of_Reality.mp3 - Marc Perkel joins us to discuss his philosophy of life and website: The Church of Reality. http://www.churchofreality.org/wisdom/welcome_home/

Tape291_A_Deconversion_Story_Robin_Savage.mp3 - Robin Savage appears on the program to discuss with her Deconversion Story from Christianity and theism in general.

Tape290_Pagan_Origins_Of_Christ.mp3 - Pagan Origins of Christ - Greg Kane Greg Kane of the Pagan Origins of Christ Myth website appears on the program to discuss pagan influences on early Christianity and the historicity of Jesus.

Tape289_Theism_and_Evolution_Ken_Miller.mp3 - Dr. Kenneth Miller is a professor of biology and biology textbook author who appears on the program to discuss how he is able to blend his brand of Christian theism with evolution. * Noted evolutionist Dr. Kenneth Miller appears to discuss his book, "Finding Darwin's God", and to explain why theism and evolution are compatible positions, contrary to popular belief.

Tape288_Euthanasia_Discussion.mp3 - Euthanasia- Lykes This particular day my guest once again didn't up. Rita Marker was supposed to appear on the program to discuss euthansia and physician assisted suicide. Luckily.. My co-host for the evening had some pretty strong opinions about this issue so we moved on with her. Listen to Fred Lykes and I as we delve into the the issue of suicide, euthanasia and physician assisted suicide.

Tape287_Austin_Dacey-Can_God_Be_Disproved.mp3 - Can God Be Disproven? Austin Dacey * Austin has lectured and published widely on issues at the intersection of science, religion, ethics, and society. He works for the Center for Inquiry, a think tank affiliated with the State University of New York at Buffalo. He serves as director of research and education; executive editor of Philo, an academic journal specializing in philosophical naturalism; a contributor to the magazines Skeptical Inquirer and Free Inquiry, and chair of the New York office. In 2002 he earned a doctorate in philosophy. He lives in New York City.

Tape286_Critical_Eval_Islam.mp3 - Christian and former presidential advisor Tom Morey appears on the program to take a critical look at Islam. * Perhaps the most influential voice on Islam today from a Western perspective, Dr. Robert Morey appears on the program to provide a critical analysis of the Muslim belief system. His book, "Winning the War Against Radical Islam" has had a significant influence on U.S. foreign policy regarding the Middle East, and has been personally received by President Bush, General Tommy Franks, and many others. He has a PH.D in Islamic Studies and is President of California Biblical University and Seminary. He's the author of 47 books Music by: One Warez Nation

Tape285_Evolution_DNA_Race.mp3 - Evolution and Genetics, Malloy-Kahn * Jason Malloy and Razib Khan will appear on the program to discuss race, evolution, genetics, and more. This program is a response to the "On The Merits of Racial Diversity" show. Enjoy!

Tape284_Unintelligent_Design_Mark_Perakh.mp3 - Unintelligent Design with Mark Perakh * Veteran scientist and noted writer Mark Perakh appears on the program to discuss his book, 'Unintelligent Design', an extensive refutation of the most sophisticated of the Intelligent Design theorists - including William Dembski, Phillip Johnson, and Michael Behe.  Intro / Outro Song: Klarky vs Phelps

Tape283_Pantheism.mp3 - A Defense of Pantheism * Jason Ferguson comes on the program to discuss his defense of Pantheism and also discuss the death of traditional god theology.

Tape282_James_Randi_II.mp3 - James Randi II * James Randi appears again to discuss Faith Healing and much more.

Tape281_David_Duke.mp3 - David Duke - Why Christianity is AntiThetical to Judaism

Tape280_Joe_Nickell.mp3 - Joe Nickell - Paranormal Researcher

Tape279_Brian_Flemming.mp3 - Director: Brian Flemming - The Beast * Brian Flemming, director of the notorious and highly anticipated "The Beast" film, comes on the program to discuss his work as well as other subjects. Brian Flemming is a filmmaker, playwright and provocateur. A former fundamentalist Christian himself, Brian has recently turned his attention toward the growing dangers of religious belief in the United States. "The Beast," is expected to be released on 6-6-06. It is a fictional thriller about a Christian girl who discovers that Jesus Christ never existed. Another one of Brian's films, "The God Who Wasn't There" is a related documentary about the "Christ myth" theory. It will be released on DVD on June 6, 2005.Brian Flemming 

Tape278_taylor_wise_racial_diversity.mp3 - Racial Diversity - Taylor vs Wise Jared Taylor and Tim Wise appear on the program to discuss the merits of racial and cultural diversity in our society. The debate will be an extensive and rigorous exchange on whether or not racial and cultural diversity is a positive thing for our society. Tim Wise will argue that it is a positive and should be encouraged and embraced, while Jared Taylor will oppose him. Read More about our Guests.  Visit: StormFront.org to learn more about the White Nationalist Movement and order Tim's books to the left, to learn more about why racial integration and education is the best way to solve the worlds horrible racist ideologies.

Tape277_Krueger_vs_Guthrie.mp3 - Doug Krueger vs Shandon Guthrie - Which is More Rational: Theism or Atheism?

Tape277_Krueger_vs_Guthrie_aftershow.mp3 - Doug Krueger and Shandon Guthrie aftershow

Tape276_Atheist_Parenting.mp3 - Atheist Parenting On Being An Atheist Parent with Janice Rael

Tape275_Anarchism_Bentel.mp3 - Dr. Brian Bentel - Anarchism

Tape274_Massimo_vs_Robert.mp3 - "Has Man Evolved from Other Species?"- Dr. Massimo Pigliucci vs Robert Allen. Dr. Massimo Pigliucci is an associate professor of ecology and evolution at SUNY Stony Brook. Robert Allen is a former evolutionist that has been debating origins for over 25 years. He is currently a research associate in the Fish Diagnostics Laboratory at the University of Mississippi and earned his B.S. in Education (Zoology and Botany) in 1970. He later earned his M.S. in Education (Combined Sciences) in 1989 from William Carey College a Christian College. One of the students on the front page of the college's website is quoted as saying, "I chose Carey because I wanted a Christian education..."

Tape273_Carrier_Metaphysical_Naturalism.mp3 - Dr. Richard Carrier - Metaphysical Naturalism

Tape272_Desire_Utiltarianism.mp3 - Alonzo Fyfe - Desire Utilitarianism

Tape271_Capitalism_vs_Socialism_Revisted.mp3 - Capitalism and Socialism Revisted

Tape270_MattYoung_TanerEdis.mp3 - Matt Young vs Taner Edis

Tape269_Doland_CaseforaCreator.mp3 - Doland - Case for a Creator

Tape267_Capitalism_vs_Socialism.mp3 - Kwame Somburu and Todd Reinhardt appears together on the program to discuss and debate: Capitalism vs Socialism

Tape266_BruceBridges_Easter_Origins.mp3 - The Origins of Easter with Bruce Bridges.

Tape265_Frank_Turek.mp3 - Frank Turek believes that it takes more faith to be an atheist. Listen in.

Tape264_Joan_Bokaer_Dominionism.mp3 - Joan Bokaer discusses with us the very real and scary concept of Christian Dominionism. * Joan Boaker, founder of TheocracyWatch.org comes on to talk to us about the rise of the Christian Right and Dominionism. Essentially, Dominionists are a powerful Christian cult. Their goal? World domination and fulfilling biblical prophecy.

Tape261_Peg_Tittle_Licensing_Parents.mp3 - Peg Little Licensing Parents

Tape259_Nick_Matzke_evolution_education.mp3 - Nick Matzke - Evolution Education,  Public Information Project Director at the National Center for Science Education (NCSE) and served an instrumental role in NCSE's preparation for the 2005 Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District trial.

Tape258_Asia_Carrera.mp3 - Former Porn Star Asia Carrera talks about her past in the industry, her geekiness, and her future.

Tape257_faith_healing_show.mp3 - Bill Wilson - How to get rich as a televangelist and faith healer. lol.

Tape257_Carrier-Krueger.mp3 - Dr. Richard Carrier and Doug Krueger appear to discuss, "What is Most Likely True: Christianity or Atheism?"

Tape256_ObjectiveEvidenceForTheSupernatural.mp3 - Objective evidence for the Supernatural

Tape255_Founding_Fathers_Bush_Brenner.mp3 - Founding Fathers Bush Brenner

Tape254_laina_farhat-holzman.mp3 - God's Law of Man's Law? - Dr. Laina Farhat-Holzman is a writer and historian who formerly taught World History and Islamic Civilization at Golden Gate University in San Francisco, where she was also Executive Director of the San Francisco United Nations Association.

Tape253_Ali_Sina_Profile_Muhammad.mp3 - Ali Sina, The Profile of Muhammad. Ali Sina risks his life to discuss with us his opinions and views about the Prophet Muhammad's psychological profile. He says, Muhammad wasn't lying. He really believed his tale!

Tape252_Peruvian_Atheist_Ica_Stones.mp3 - The Peruvian Atheist - Ica Stones * Stephen was born in the city of Lima, the Peruvian capital. He received his K-12 education at Franklin D. Roosevelt, The American School of Lima (http://www.amersol.edu.pe), and later went to the University of Lima (http://www.ulima.edu.pe) where he graduated with a Bachelor of Law and Political Science.  Stephen is coming on the program to talk to us about the Ica stones (part of Kent Hovind's "proof" that "dragons" and humans lived together), his personal experience with Catholicism (some fundamentalism there) and fundamentalist christianity, and how religion has and is evolving in Peru.

Tape251_tk_hillbilly_morris.mp3 - TK Hillbilly Morris

Tape248_Vote_Scam.mp3 - Victoria Collier is a journalist, environmentalist, and activist who promotes her father's and uncle's book, Vote Scam. The book is a 20 year investigation into computer vote fraud. http://www.votescam.org/

Tape247_Naturalism.mp3 - Our guest is, Tom Clark, Director of the Boston Center for Naturalism: http://www.naturalism.org

Tape246_StrongAtheism.mp3 - Strong Atheism

Tape245_Political_Humanism.mp3 - Political Humanism

Tape244_Buddhism.mp3 - Our guest, Evan Flint, is a former Christian and discusses with us Buddhism.

Tape243_Are_Souls_Real.mp3 - Dr. Jerome Elbert joins us to discuss his book. "Are Souls Real?". https://books.google.com/books?id=mUwJKyMyuAIC

Tape242_michael_martin.mp3 - Dr. Michael Martin - Arguments Against God

Tape240_X-Rated_Bible.mp3 - The X-Rated Bible

Tape238_Peter_Singer_ethics.mp3 - Dr. Peter Singer - Ethics

Tape237_kenthovind_vs_infidelguy_com.mp3 - Kent Hovind appears on the program to discuss and debate the entire listenership. * Mr. Kent Hovind of (DrDino.com) is appearing to debate whether or not evolution is true and also discuss the truth of Christianity.

Tape236_jeffrey_selman_creationism_in_schools.mp3 - Creationism in Public School: Jeffrey Selman Jeffrey Selman is a secular Jew living in Cobb County, Georgia. Jeffrey has a lawsuit against Cobb County to remove disclaimers from Biology textbooks that read: "Evolution is just a theory and should be critically considered" and a pending lawsuit against Cobb Counties invocation process that excludes almost all religions accept Christianity.  * In August 2002, the disclaimers were voted upon by the Cobb County school board to be added. The following month, in September, the school board voted that creationism will be taught along side evolution as a competing theory for man's origins.  * We discuss, creationism, intelligent design, the goal of religious fundamentalism, science and more.

Tape235_truth_about_marijuana.mp3 - The Truth About Marijuana Bruce Mirken is communications director for the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP). Based in Washington, D.C., MPP is the largest national organization -- with over 15,000 members and an email list of over 140,000 -- devoted solely to reforming U.S. marijuana laws. MPP believes that the best strategy to minimize the harm associated with marijuana is to regulate marijuana similarly to the way we regulate alcohol.  Prior to joining MPP, Mirken was a health journalist whose work appeared in such publications as Men's Health, the San Francisco Chronicle, Miami Herald and AIDS Treatment News.

Tape234_atheist_invocation.mp3 - An Atheist Invocation * Michael R. Harvey, invited by a Jewish council member to give a secular invocation at a Tampa City Council meeting, was rebuffed and intimidated by some of the members, who left during his secular invocation.  Mike is a member of:  The Florida Chapter of the Atheist Alliance.

Tape233_homosexual_marriage.mp3 - Homosexual Marriage

Tape232_Noahs_Ark.mp3 - The Truth About Noah's Ark Frank Zindler and Sean Meek clash to discuss the Ark story. Frank Zindler is a former biology and geology professor. He's also an atheist and researcher that has debated the issue of Noah's Ark on many occasion. Sean is a former public school teacher. He's a Young Earth Creationist and Bible literalist that believes that the events as told in the bible about Noah's Ark are true and that this event happened around 5000 years ago.  We will take  a look at the ancient origins of the story and examine the many philosophical, theological, historical and scientific aspects of this story. Is it fact? Fable? Or a bit of both?.

Tape231_Gay_and_Mormon.mp3 - On Being Gay and Mormon

Tape230_Atkins_Diet.mp3 - Dr. Joel Fuhrman - A Criticism of The Atkins Diet: https://www.drfuhrman.com

Tape229_Kwame_Somburu.mp3 - Kwame Somburu: Materialism and Capitalism * Kwame has never had religious, spiritual, or metaphysical, non-scientific beliefs and is an atheist with a belief in Dialectical and Historical Materialism. He states that all of our consciousness and thought processes are subordinate to the material social circumstances and environment that we exist in. Matter existed for countless billions of years before any type of life or consciousness.  * Kwame has been a consistent socialist political activist, since 1960. He was a candidate for public office eight times including: vice-president (1968) Congress three times, and Mayor of New York City (1969). Kwame has spoken nationally and internationally and has been a radio and television guest multiple times.

Tape228_Satanism_Another_Look.mp3 - Satanism Another Look

Tape227_Joe_Dixon.mp3 - Atheist comedian Joe Dixon

Tape226_Veganism_moral_obligation.mp3 - Dr. Anne Baril, discusses with us about the concept of Veganism and how it should be a moral obligation.

Tape225_what_happened_911.mp3 - What Happened 911

Tape223_end_time_delusions.mp3 - End Time Delusions

Tape222_Inspired_Heart_Jerry_Wennstrom.mp3 - Inspired Heart - Jerry Wennstrom

Tape221_Minister_to_Atheist_JoeH.mp3 - Former minister Joe Holman talks about his rise from Christianity. Joe Holman is a minister-turned-atheist from Hillsboro, TX. After 8 years in the fundamentalist Christian ministry, he finally saw how pathetic it all was. His site: http://www.ministerturnsatheist.org

Tape218_Universism.mp3 - John Armstrong speaks to us about the concept of Universism. A rational religious philosophy that attempts to form an alliance of a variety of freethinking philosophies.

Tape217_Psycho_Bible.mp3 - Our guest this program is Dr. Armando Favazza. He's a psychiatrist that's known for his work: "Bodies Under Siege". His new work is entitled: "Psycho Bible". Let's see what this is all about.

Tape215_Raelian_Mehram.mp3 - Mehram Sam appears on the program to discuss the little known religion known as The Raelian Movement: http://www.rael.org/home

Tape214_Ibn_Warraq_Islam.mp3 - Ibn Warraq is a brave former Muslim who is the author of "Why I am Not a Muslim". He appears to discuss with us possible little known facts about the Quran.

Tape213_apocryphal_gospels.mp3 - Dr. Chartrand-Burke, Professor of Religious Studies appears to discuss with us the Apocryphal Gospels: The Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Mary, and the Infancy Gospel of Thomas. http://www.earlychristianwritings.com/

Tape212_Charlie_Boy.mp3 - Interview with Charlie Boy

Tape211_Robert_Price.mp3 - Biblical theologian and researcher Dr. Bob Price appears on the program to discuss The DaVinci Code and his book, The Incredible Shrinking Son of Man.

Tape210_Lavey_Satanism.mp3 - James Lazarus discusses the concept of LaVeyan Satanism.

Tape209_Kevin_Archer.mp3 - Kevin Archer is the author of: "In Lieu of Heaven" a novel which he explores the character of the biblical god and presents a good argument for his dismissal. http://kevinrayarcher.com/WordPress/about/ 

Tape207_barker_lounsbery_debate.mp3 - Former Pastor Dan Barker debates Pastor Eric Lounsbery on the existence of God.

Tape205_Debate_Tremblay_vs_Daniels.mp3 - Franc Tremblay debates Arthur Daniel on the existence of God. Franc takes the position position and states unequivocally that "Gods Cannot Exist".

Tape204_Strong_Atheism-Franc-Tremblay.mp3 - Author and philosopher Franc Tremblay argues for the concept of Strong Atheism.

Tape203_Liberal_Theism.mp3 - Jason Saliano B.S. appears on the program tonight to discuss a defense of God via Liberal Theism. Durrell Mitchell sits in as my co-host.

Tape202_FlirtsnSpices_Martin.mp3 - Dr. Dennis J. Martin is my former professor who I have created for yanking me out of the Matrix. He's the author of: Theses on 95 Sexdecillion Indulgences: With Flirts and Spices. "... brilliant compendium of well thought out ways to improve a sexual relationship and help it to grow." - J. Joseph "

Tape201_Tim_Phelps_God_Hates_Fags.mp3 - Tim Phelps of "God Hates Fags" and Westboro Baptist Church appears on the program to discuss the reality of their organization and that they are absolutely no joke.