Tape200_Heretics_Davis.mp3 - Heretics - Dr. Bill Sumner Davis

Tape199_BadAstronomy_DrPhil.mp3 - Bad Astronomy with Dr. Phil Plait

Tape198_Bible_Sex_Drugs_Violence.mp3 - The Bible, Sex, Drugs, and Violence

Tape197_Atheist_Blind_Andy_Fountain.mp3 - Atheist and Blind - Andy Fountain

Tape196_Catholicism_and_Xianity_TrentHorn.mp3 - Catholicism vs Protestantism with Trent Horn

Tape195_Christmas_Easter_Origins.mp3 - Christmas and Easter Origins

Tape194_Bible_Stories_Mike_Earl.mp3 - Bible Stories with Mike Earl

Tape192_Presuppositionalism.mp3 - Presuppositionalism

Tape191_Is_Atheism_Tenable.mp3 - Is Atheism Tenable?

Tape190_Barker_Loundsbery_Debate.mp3 - Dan Barker vs Eric Lounsbery  debate on whether or not Christianity is a tenable position.

Tape187_Human_Origins.mp3 - Human Evolution from the field with Dr. Henry Gilbert. An evolutionary biologist with experience in the field searching for human ancestors. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ellI4u-Yv6E

Tape186_Islamic_Apologetics.mp3 - Islamic Apologetics

Tape185_Heaven_Sky.mp3 - Is Heaven The Sky?

Tape184_The_Soul_Onion_Arg.mp3 - The Soul/Onion Argument

Tape183_Robert_Augat_X_Missionary.mp3 - Robert Augat - Former Christian Missionary tells his story.

Tape182_Janice_Rael_AA.mp3 - Janice Rael - American Atheists

Tape180_Mike_Ledo2.mp3 - Mike Ledo #2

Tape178_Hovind_vs_White.mp3 - Kent Hovind vs White - Creationism vs Evolution

Tape177_Brugman_BeyondAShadow1.mp3 - Bill Brugman: Beyond a Shadow 1

Tape175_7_Evidences_of_God.mp3 - Seven Evidences of God

Tape174_Lesbian_and_Xian.mp3 - Lesbianism and Chrstianity

Tape173_Austin_EvidenceofGod.mp3 - Austin - Evidence of God

Tape171_Walter_Rose_Debate.mp3 - Walter / Rose Debate

Tape170_Book_Nipples_Mail.mp3 - Variety - Mail, Books, and Nipples

Tape169_NormalBob_Women_Bible.mp3 - Normal Bob - Women in the Bible

Tape168_Pantheism_and_Variety.mp3 - Pantheism and Variety

Tape167_Millionth_Visitor_Show.mp3 - Millionth Visitor Show

Tape166_Variety_Calls_Rants.mp3 - Variety, Calls and News

Tape165_Variety_News_Rants.mp3 - Variety, Rants, Interview

Tape163_prayer_bush_rants.mp3 - Prayer, Bush, Rants, News

Tape162_Ken_Humphreys_Jesusneverexisted.mp3 - Kenneth Humphries - Jesus Never Existed

Tape161_Don_Kresh_Arguments4God.mp3 - Don Kresh  - Arguments for God

Tape160_Hervey_Peoples_The Human_Question.mp3 - Hervey Peoples - The Human Question  Keyword: evolution, anthropology

Tape160_Hervey_Peoples_The_Human_Question.mp3 - Hervey Peoples - The Human Queestion

Tape158_Armen_Saginian_Islam.mp3 - Armen Saginian on Islam

Tape158_Armen_Saginian_Islam_40kb.mp3 - Armen Saginian - Islam

Tape157_Chris_Aable_Self_Evolution.mp3 - Chris Aable - Self Evolution

Tape156_Michael_Newdow.mp3 - Atheist Lawyer - Michael Newdow

Tape155_Is_Religion_Detrimental.mp3 - Religion is Detrimental

Tape154_Nature_of God_Premises.mp3 - The Nature of God - Premises

Tape153_Ellen_Johnson_AA.mp3 - Ellen Johnson: Pres. AA

Tape152_M_Fields_Does_God_Exist.mp3 - Marty Fields - Does God Exist?

Tape149_300_Proofs_of_God.mp3 - 300 Proofs of God

Tape148_Demonic_Possession.mp3 - Demonic Possession

Tape147_Science_Hinduism_Islam.mp3 - Science in Hinduism and Islam

Tape146_Science_Koran_Bible.mp3 - Science in Koran & Bible Starts out slow but picks up

Tape145_Evolution_Souls_Hare-Krishna.mp3 - The Evolution of Souls - Hare-Krishna

Tape144_Pastor_Gene_Cook.mp3 - Pastor Gene Cook

Tape143_Doug_Krueger.mp3 - Doug Krueger - Atheism

Tape141_Deconverting_from_theism.mp3 - Deconverting from Theism

Tape140_Preacher_to_Atheist_D_Barker.mp3 - Dan Barker - From Preacher to Atheist

Tape139_Darell_Lambert_Atheist_Scout.mp3 - Darell Lambert - Atheist Boyscout

Tape137_Burke_Catholicism.mp3 - Burke on Miracles

Tape136_Ask_IG_ep1.mp3 - Ask The Infidel Guy Ep 1

Tape134_Jake_Mormon_LDS.mp3 - Jake on the LDS Church and being a Mormon

Tape133_Ex_JW.mp3 - Ex-Jehovah's Witness

Tape132_News_with_cohost_Buck_Cash.mp3 - News and Rants with my co-host

Tape130_Annoucements_and_issues.mp3 - Announcement, News, etc

Tape129_Nadir_Ahmed_Islamic_Terrorism.mp3 - Nadir Ahmed - Islamic Terrorism

Tape127_Nadir_Ahmed_vs_Richard_Carrier.mp3 - Nadir Ahmed vs Dr. Richard Carrier. Nadir confronts Richard  Carrier on his historical criticism of Islam and the Qur'an.

Tape125_True_Christian.mp3 - True Christian Show

Tape124_Defending_Christianity.mp3 - Defending Christianity

Tape123_Budding_Activist.mp3 - Budding Activist

Tape122_Problem_with_Agnosticism.mp3 - The Problem with Agnosticism

Tape121_atheist2xian.mp3 - From Atheist to Christian

Tape120_Emailing_Reading_and_Rants.mp3 - Email reading and rants

Tape119_BuckCash.mp3 - Buck Cash: buckcash.com

Tape118_SciFi_2.mp3.mp3 - John Snyder - SciFi

Tape117_Refutation_Lee_Strobel.mp3 - A refutation of Lee Strobel

Tape116_Islam_Oppression_women.mp3 - Parvin Darabi is the author of "Raid Against the Veil". Tonight's discussion is The Islamic Oppression of Women. Visit: Homa.org

Tape114_NoShow2.mp3 - The No Show, Show II

Tape111_KenTipton.mp3 - Kent Tipton tells his story of outrageous harassment by a Christian group simply because he sold the movie "Splash" in his video store.

Tape108_Ghost_Universe.mp3 - Ghost in the Universe

Tape107_The_Pledge.mp3 - The Pledge of Allegiance wasn't always said the way it is.

Tape106_Pigliucci_Hovind_debate_32kbps.mp3 - Pigliucci / Hovind Debate Kent Hovind and Dr. Massimo Pigliucci debate on evolution, public school and the scientific method. Dr. Pigliucci is currently (2007), Professor in the Department of Ecology & Evolution at SUNY-Stony Brook (Long Island, NY). His research is on the evolution of genotype-environment interactions and on the role of constraints in evolutionary biology. He also has an interest in epistemology andphilosophy of science. Kent Hovind is the creator of drdino.com. His critics are easy to find online: www.kent-hovind.com

Tape105_Temporal_Lobe_Seizures.mp3 - A program in which I discuss the concept of Temporal Lobe Seizures/Epilepsy and their possible links to some church experiences. Keywords: Spiritual, Holy Spirit Possession

Tape104_Martin_Willett_MEMES.mp3 - Martin Willett - Memes

Tape103_Nick_challenge_to_IG.mp3 - Nick's Challenge to the Infidel Guy

Tape102_Richard_Carrier.mp3 - Richard Carrier

Tape101_Ig_vs_MrMahdi_Muslim.mp3 - Mahdi - Muslim Perspective