"To be truly open-minded is to first accept the possibility that you could be wrong, and to then be honest enough to change your position once sufficient evidence has been presented." - Dr. Reginald Finley, Sr

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The Programs are now archived for your enjoyment. Please use the menu above and below to visit each of the libraries to access the programs. A few of the top downloaded are below. I hope to bring back the program in some iteration in the future. Thank you for the all the years of support! - Dr. Reginald Finley, PhD.

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Tape 211 - Robert Price - Biblical theologian and researcher Dr. Bob Price appears on the program to discuss The DaVinci Code and his book, The Incredible Shrinking Son of Man. 

Tape474_evidence_of_human_evolution.mp3 - Dr. Daniel Fairbanks. Evidence of Human Evolution within our DNA.

Tape470_evolution_true.mp3 - Dr. Jerry Coyne discusses with Reginald Finley how he knows that biological evolution is 100% true.

Tape386_PZ_Meyers_ID_and_Evolution.mp3 - Dr. PZ Meyers, Evolution, Creationism, Intelligent Design

Tape376_Dan_Barker_Paul_Manata_Debate.mp3 - Dan Barker vs Paul Manata, they debate which is more true: 'Christian theism or atheism"?

Tape327_Evolution_and_Fossil_Record_Brazeau.mp3 - How The Fossil Record supports Biological Evolution with Martin Brazeau

Tape291_A_Deconversion_Story_Robin_Savage.mp3 - Robin Savage shares with us her deconversion story. Leaving Christianity.

Tape274_Massimo_vs_Robert.mp3 - Dr. Massimo Pigliucci vs Robert Allen on Evolution vs Creationism.

Tape259_Nick_Matzke_evolution_education.mp3 - Nick Matzke on the state of Evolution education in America.

Tape257_faith_healing_show.mp3 - Bill Wilson, author "How to get rich as a televangelist or faith healer". Former student of a Bible College.

Tape214_Ibn_Warraq_Islam.mp3 - Ibn Warraq: 'Why Am I Not a Muslim'.

Tape106_Pigliucci_Hovind_debate_32kbps.mp3 - Dr. Massimo Pigliucci and "Dr" Kent Hovind debate the veracity of evolution. 2 Hour long debate.