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"To be truly open-minded is to first accept the possibility that you could be wrong, and to then be honest enough to change your position once sufficient evidence has been presented." - Reginald Finley, Sr

From 1999 to 2010, Reginald Finley, rocked your rational mind featuring programs covering theology, philosophy, and science. He is currently a science popularizer, biology educator, and genetic genealogist.

Over 500 programs were conducted before the program's end. Reginald Finley now spends his time advocating for the improvement of the general public's critical thinking skills, as well as fostering the public's understanding and acceptance of science.

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Critiques of my program are welcome provided that I am allowed a rebuttal which is directly linked from the page hosting the critique. Editing of my programs or interviews to caricature me or my ideas is expressly forbidden and will be construed as slander.

You may access my programs at the links above and the TOP 50 are featured below. To search for programs use the search box atop the page. I will be adding descriptions over time which will improve search results. Feel free to send me descriptions to help expedite the process.

* NOTE: Please be advised that the programs found here only represent who I was over a decade ago and do not necessarily represent any organization that I may be affiliated with today. I have evolved and have changed a number of opinions that may be heard and found here. My focus is now on - Science Education -.

Thank you for listening and supporting the show all these years. Any donations to this page pays my way through school and helps me continue to build resources that promote critical thinking, science, and reason.

Welcome friends, fans, and for those new to freethought. Freethinking is the ability for one to think deeply about all kinds of issues no matter how troubling or uncomfortable. My programs are for those curious about their world and the very nature of reality. In challenging everything you believe, your bravery will be rewarded with newly acquired knowledge.

* Please do NOT repost my programs and content in other venues (i.e. Youtube) without my express written permission. All content hosted is the property of Reginald Finley Sr. Email me if you wish to use my material.


I am still conducting some radio appearances and debates so feel free to contact me. Keep in mind however that, as my professional focus is now on the sciences, my expertise is now in supporting the evidence for biological evolution, debunking pseudoscience, and topics concerning the Nature of Science. Thanks!

The Top 50 Programs Below: Complete Archives Can be found at the links above.

Tape479_AcharyaS_Easter.mp3 - Historian Acharya S discusses the origins of Easter.

Tape474_evidence_of_human_evolution.mp3 - Dr. Daniel Fairbanks. Evidence of Human Evolution within our DNA.

Tape470_evolution_true.mp3 - Dr. Jerry Coyne discusses with Reginald Finley how he knows that biological evolution is 100% true.

Tape386_PZ_Meyers_ID_and_Evolution.mp3 - Dr. PZ Meyers, Evolution, Creationism, Intelligent Design

Tape376_Dan_Barker_Paul_Manata_Debate.mp3 - Dan Barker vs Paul Manata, they debate which is more true: 'Christian theism or atheism"?

Tape327_Evolution_and_Fossil_Record_Brazeau.mp3 - How The Fossil Record supports Biological Evolution with Martin Brazeau

Tape291_A_Deconversion_Story_Robin_Savage.mp3 - Robin Savage shares with us her deconversion story. Leaving Christianity.

Tape291_A_Deconversion_Story_Robin_Savage.mp3 - Robin Savage tells us her deconversion story and arrival at freethinking.

Tape274_Massimo_vs_Robert.mp3 - Dr. Massimo Pigliucci vs Robert Allen on Evolution vs Creationism.

Tape259_Nick_Matzke_evolution_education.mp3 - Nick Matzke on the state of Evolution education in America.

Tape257_faith_healing_show.mp3 - Bill Wilson, author "How to get rich as a televangelist or faith healer". Former student of a Bible College.

Tape214_Ibn_Warraq_Islam.mp3 - Ibn Warraq: 'Why Am I Not a Muslim'.

Tape106_Pigliucci_Hovind_debate_32kbps.mp3 - Dr. Massimo Pigliucci and "Dr" Kent Hovind debate the veracity of evolution. 2 Hour long debate.