Reginald Vaughn Finley, Sr. (born in 1974) is an Informal Science and Critical Thinking Educator. He is also a US Army Veteran and served overseas during Operation Able Sentry in 1995. Finley is also a former member of the Atlanta based group Forte', now called 112. He also worked for a time as a "phone psychic", with the psychic network. He said he was amazed at how the callers didn't realize that they were the ones providing the information. They truly believed he was "psychic". Finley gave a talk about his methods to a Center for Inquiryconference in 2001.[1]While attending St. Leo College at Fort McPherson, he studied philosophy and religion and soon became interested in the effect of bad ideas and the lack of scientific knowledge on the general public. Lacking a religious identity, he shortly began identifying himself as an Ardent Critical Thinker. Finley took a hiatus from school and began his 12 year internet media career (1999-2010) focusing on educating the public about science, philosophy, ethics, freethought, and the value of Critical Thinking.

Finley's Program(s), "Freethought Radio" and The Infidel Guy Show has featured personalities from across the philosophical spectrum, including scientists Michio Kaku and Richard Dawkins, lawyer Michael Newdow, creationist Kent Hovind, Ali Sina of Faith Freedom International, philosopher Massimo Pigliucci, and Michael Shermer, founder of the Skeptics Society. At its end, Finley produced over 500 programs.

Finley's family appeared on ABC's reality show Wife Swap on November 28, 2005, when his then wife (Amber) switched places with the wife of a devout Christian pastor.[2]

After the meteoric rise of youtube and the Financial Crisis of 2007, Finley returned to corporate America while simultaneously conducting his informal education programs on a part-time basis.

After working in the Informal Science Industry, and Corporate America, Finley returned to school earning his Bachelors in Human Development from Amridge University(2011) and completed his Masters from SUNY at Buffalo in Science and The Public(2013).

Finley returned to the Informal Science Education Sector Sector in 2012 and hopes to maintain a career in the field furthering science appreciation and understanding in the general public.

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Reginald Finley Sr